XIEDA RC 4CH Mini Helicopter H995 2.4GHz Single-Propeller with Gyro.


10 Responses to “XIEDA 4CH Mini Helicopter BEST LANDING EVER OF A RC HELICOPTER”

  • GeorgeBonez:

    I ordered the (Hero RC 4CH H995) and its supose to be here tomorrow haha.. I have many 4,5 & 6 channel helis but nothing this small.. That little guy looks like it would be great for indoor and can still handle outdoor flying.. We have been getting SLAMMED with rain lately so your vid kind of imspired me I guess to get a 4ch that I can fly in my house haha.. In? fact I think the Hero that I bought is the exact same thing as your XIEDA or at least I hope it is.. We’ll see tomorrow I guess :)

  • CarillonA1:

    yup, all of the small 4ch i’ve seen have that right tilted swashplate. the heli is fine. i crashed before that recorded vid and the skids popped off, instead of breaking lol, i didn’t secure them well enough so when i took off and it slid across the table? they came loose again. ALWAYS cut power when you even think you’re crashing. happy flying.

  • GeorgeBonez:

    Your swashplate has to be way off to? have that much right aileron on take off. At least thats what it looks like to me but I am no expert, thats for sure. Why did it all fall a part at the end. I know the landing skid when down into the crack in the table but dang. Hope it wasnt as bad as it looked on vid..

  • Dirtnasty02:

    When I had my Blade MSR it? looked that exact same way also turned better to the right then the left. I just assumed it was something with these smaller heli’s as well.

  • Mark Hayes:

    Boy you aint kidding about the Colectives’ Found a “club” out here (3 guys) and hooked up with them this morning. did a little hovering with the Blade SR? than sat and watched in AWE while they did full 3d flying … one of these days man!

  • CarillonA1:

    yup. hero 995. or h995. same thing made by xieda. yeah, those 6ch are a pain. i tried my art tech 400 3d and crashed immediately before practicing w/a 4ch. got it back together but the pitch is ALL wrong, and i just don’t have the patience to adjust all the linkages. some weekend i’ll sit? down and actually get it right. thnx for watching. good flying to you.

  • Mark Hayes:

    I have a couple helis myself already ? Been flying the Double Horse 9116 like crazy. Just bought a Blade SR Full collective pitch.. WOW what a PAIN. But cool . I ordered 2 of the H995’s one for me one for my son so we can fly around in the house!

  • leefuji:

    this heli is a part of the transformers towards the end 😉 , so did you end up? getting this one or the H995?

  • Mark Hayes:

    awesome landing! I had that happen doing a wheelie on? my bicycle when I was like 12… didnt end so well.. LOL
    is that the hero h995? Just bought one for my son..

  • CarillonA1:

    Freeze the video at 0:05. that’s how the helicopter came out of the box. if you look at the left linkage, you’ll see that it’s maxed out as high as it will go. the helicopter flies ok but i assume they had to make it this way to balance the heli. in any case, flying to the left is sluggish. to the right is fine. my only complaint with this chopper. oh, and it’s not for beginners. if you’ve flown 3ch before you’re fine. i HIGHLY recommend practicing hovering inside before taking? it outside.

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