Worlds largest RC Heli – Red Bull Cobra and EC135 crash (Tail rotor fail)

???????? el más grande del rc helicóptero ????? ??????? ?????? ? ???? ???????? Der größte Modell-Hubschrauber der Welt! ??SUBSCRIBE ? mor…


21 Responses to “Worlds largest RC Heli – Red Bull Cobra and EC135 crash (Tail rotor fail)”

  • Ghostflyer63:

    Ouch ? I felt that one when it hit …. Could have been alot worse though good job on trying to save it

  • MrGamegast:

    show? me!

  • Elliot Gwedo:

    I? have.

  • Edward H:

    I am sure it was……. But the pilot kept it away from? anyone and landed it actually pretty good… thumbs up to him.

  • MrGamegast:

    Do? that then..

  • Jake Wallace:

    If you do not know the basic? terminology pertaining to helicopters, I might suggest that your opinion means absolutely nothing.

  • teamqvt:

    eso es lo malo de este hobby, gastas mucho dinero y tiempo construyendo el helicoptero y se estrella en poco tiempo, costandote el helicóptero casi entero. 😀
    Aun así esto? es una maravilla, parece totalmente real

  • 64thekillzone:

    on most RC helicopters? there is a switch to “hold” the throttle at idle so that the throttle stick only control’s pitch. sometimes if the engine is not tuned up correctly it can shut off. it looks as if the pilot tried to autorotate but he didnt give enough negative pitch and flared too early causing his crash

  • Johan van Es:

    Peter? is right :)

  • Elliot Gwedo:

    If you say so, dont? make it so.

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña:

    actually, no need to insult anybody.. but it? seems by insulting me, you’re just implying that you are offended by my comments in addition after shutting it down. Trying to insult me doesn’t give your arguments much weight . .

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña:

    and have you seen he did flare a bit when it almost touched the ground? you must know that . . ?

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña:

    oh, did i invented the word autorotation…? come on.. google it . .

  • Elliot Gwedo:

    Now your just making up terminology to try to sound like you know what your talking about.?

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña:

    aside from shutting down, i think he did? lower the collective and upon reaching the ground increased it a little bit just to flare and prevent it from a very hard landing.. that is what you call autorotation . .

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña:

    what is the rotor rpm on the cobra? most? rc helis especially smaller ones have higher rotor rpms.. but i think the cobra has more like a scaled rpm.. hearing the chop from the blades.. means lower rpm and higher collective pitch .. what do you think is the maximum collective in degrees?

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña:


  • Elliot Gwedo:

    All he did was turn the trim to stop? the rotation then shut it off. THATS IT.

  • Wayne Davis:

    I would expect it had an? emergency shut down to stop the blades in an attempt to protect onlookers

  • MrGamegast:

    i wanna? see you do that then!

  • Elliot Gwedo:

    All he did was shut if off.? Your giving way too much credit.

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