Wind Turbine Kills Helicopter!!! Funny FPV RC Heli Crash Accident Fire Vestas Burns Enercon E-66 126

The heli looks very, very good for getting hit by a wind turbine blade and falling down more than 100 meters!!! No electronics damaged!!! Flying again soon.
The onboard microphone had a loose contact, no motor sound in this video.

29th FPV helicopter flight

Live video feed, video from onboard camera gets transmitted in real time to the video goggles.
FPV= acronym for “First Person View”

Standard Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325
Aluminum rotor head
Aluminum washout base
ACE RC BLC-40 ESC; Settings: Helicopter mode without governor (Throttle curves), Standard timing, Quick throttle response, No brake, Light discharge protection
Hacker A20-6XL motor without cooling fan (broken at a crash), 15 tooth pinion
Thunder Power 11,1V 3s 20C 2600mAh LiPo battery (weighs only 188 g)
Turnigy 3A Low RF Noise external BEC (UBEC), 6V voltage output
6,3V 2200?F buffer capacitor for the BEC, but not necessary
3x EMAX ES08A analog swash plate servos from BEVRC, 10.5mm servo arm length (shorter servo arm= better resolution!!!)
1x Hitec HS-65 HB analog tail servo, 7.5mm servo arm length
Robbe- Futaba GY-520 gyro (F3C flight mode, fast response)
Align 325 PRO rotor blades, they are good enough for soft 3D
Align Tail Rotor Blades for T-Rex 450 (plastic)
Graupner- JR MX-16S, 40 Mhz transmitter (+ emergency booster)
Graupner/JR SMC-19 DS 40 MHz receiver with 1,75m antenna (Lamda/4)
The Multiplex RX-7 SYNTH DS IPD is defective, it was the reason for the last crash
Approx. 2550 rpm headspeed
+11° -9° blade pitch

FPV Setup:
1,3 GHz 400 mW video transmitter from BEVRC ( with small Lawmate 3 dBi antenna
Lawmate 1,3 GHz (1.2, 1.3 GHz) video receiver with BEVRC 3 dBi antenna (upper plastic casing removed, should be better for 1280MHz)
Video receiver powered with 11,1V LiPo battery
1,2 or 1,3 GHz transmitters are legal in Austria with Radio (Ham) License between 1240 and 1300 MHz up to 200W
I’m using channel 9 (1280 MHz)
WDR700 (= KPC-DNR700PHB) PAL camera (Sony Super HADII CCD), factory (= default) settings, I’ve tried other settings but default is the best in my opinion
Fat Shark RCV922 Aviator Edition video goggles
Weight FPV gear: approx. 100 g
Powering the FPV gear with the 3s flight battery through the EH balancer connector
Ferrite ring (= toroid), 32V 100µF and 16V 1000µF Capacitors against interference (= LC- filter), the BLC-40 has much more noise than the Kontronik Jazz 40-6-18. I could not see any lines with the Jazz 40!!! But the soft start of the Jazz is not good for autorotations…..

FPV Recording:
Video splitting with a simple Y-cable
Canon MVX200i Mini DV PAL Camcorder (DV-AVI, 720×576, 25 fps)
Deinterlacing with “Alparysoft Deinterlace” (Advanced method, ME search enabled) ,saved with “Cedocida DV Codec” and Virtual Dub
Editing with Corel VideoStudio Pro X4
Compressing with Xvid, Single Pass, Quantizer 2 (approx. 72 MB per minute), MP3 256 kps CBR Stereo
This is the best possible quality in my opinion (with this camera, transmitter setup)

AUW 965 g
Maximum flight time (hovering, slow flying): 10 min. (260 mAh/min energy consumption)
Average flight time: 7 min.
Range: approx. 800m with this setup

Heli, camera approx. 850 Euro
Altogether approx. 2500 Euro (Flight Simulator, transmitter, batteries, charger, video goggles, FPV video recorder….)

Typical crash costs: 50- 300 Euro
Video Rating: / 5


19 Responses to “Wind Turbine Kills Helicopter!!! Funny FPV RC Heli Crash Accident Fire Vestas Burns Enercon E-66 126”

  • Karyl Debolt:

    Just google 'inplix' , take instructions and make it yourself :)?


    Hope you didn't damaged the wing. Such a turbine can cost more than 5.000.000€.?

  • Chrissy Mickelson:

    Check InpliX handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.?

  • DudeTalk:

    omg… offended ass people… Lol I'll just be over here not giving a damn.?

  • Diamond Miner Animaniac:

    Why would you fly things through wind turbines

    Wind turbines are not your property and I'm pretty sure damaging them could get you arrested?

  • Luciano Junqueira:

    it will go to cost a lot more belive me .  .?

  • Kjeld Holm:

    muni86… You are very immature and without respect for others proporty. The turbine-blade could get dammaged. When the blades leave the factory the surface is polished to get the best efficiency. 
    And you ruin the FPV-hobbby for many others by your lack of responsibillity. There are getting more strict roules for FPV because of persons like your !

    It is not clever done, it is not smart and only an idiot would do things like this. 

    What if you got a new fancy car and another idiot smashes his copter into your car and just man fun. That would be a good laugh… right !??

  • William White:

    How much damage did you cause to the air foil f you ran into hope they charge you for the damages and the inspection for the damages too you guys are idiots.?

  • John Cluderay:

    Why post this online? It's people like you that get a bad name for everyone else. Not only flying near a wind turbine, but even crashing into it, plus what's with the low flight over the train track and passenger platform? Zero sympathy. It's bad enough watching kids being irresponsible, never mind legally responsible adults.?

  • jbonnardel:

    This guy is a MORON.. there I said it… Hate on.?


    reason why they want to ban fpv?

  • Roblox Ginie:

    he was hurt in the line of

  • DJ Marcel-s-8 III:

    Wo ist das in Österreich +muni86?

  • hubsonekka:

    @ flexairz
    "And this is how birds get killed too…"

    and that is how people get electricity?

  • blackhossproductions:

    why is this fucking funny?

  • Mariano Hernandez 1:

    Lucky u haven't got arrest yet?

  • flexairz:

    And this is how birds get killed too…?

  • flexairz:

    1.5 MW nomimal power only when the wind blows 7 bft..
    Which is almost never does..
    Stop wrecking the landscape!?

  • James Cureton Jr.:

    upper cut, champion punch…..dont hate, im just kidding around?

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