Whiplash RIP and SKID! Amazing RC Helicopter 700

This is my kick ass Whiplash by Miniature Aircraft! Its one hell of a bird, nearing 10hp it tears up the sky with precision and pure POWER. Its sporting 680mm blades by Rototech, Castle Creations 160HV version 2 ESC, BeastX Gyro and all Hitec High Voltage servo’s. Running on 12 cell’s with a Scorpion 500kv motor, this thing becomes an absolute BEAST, hence the custom DRAGON canopy thanks to our friends at Canomod! Enjoy the video, I hope this machine never crashes.. Check out the website! www.RobscoRC.net Join the fun on our Facebook Fan Page, sneak peak projects, behind the scenes, and cool contests! http Want a cool canopy? Canomod is your best choice for complete customization! www.canomod.com


12 Responses to “Whiplash RIP and SKID! Amazing RC Helicopter 700”

  • RobscoRC:

    Sheesh FPV on? a heli is hard enough, nevermind with tracking..

  • videoguy837:

    Yup, RC helis are what got me into? the hobby. I fly 3D and FPV on them. See my FPV with full real-time head tracking on an RC chopper. A first for YouTube as far as I can tell. 😉

  • RobscoRC:

    It definitely still makes my knees? shake!

  • RobscoRC:

    Theres one, and its the same heli actually but I wasnt that good at it yet. Still new machine.? I also own a Trex 500 but I dont fly it much anymore. Do you fly choppers?

  • videoguy837:

    That? thing is a beast. I never saw any videos of you flying helis before!

  • RobscoRC:

    Check out the video response. Thats my buddy Peter’s page. He shot the entire flight with his iPhone, You can really? hear it there!

  • bayareaheli:

    I’m running the MKS, whats the refresh rate on the tail servo? reason I’m asking is cause your tail never bounced once so the servo seems to? be really quick :)

  • Patrick Irwin:

    Holy s***? batman! I got nervous just watching that was intense.

  • DobyxRC:

    I’m impressed! not just with the bird, your skills a pretty good man. I bet you still get that heart rate up after? doing some of those stunts eh. Now all you have to do is put a UHF system and some FPV and grab some Heli footage LOL.

  • erikdravn:

    That’s more then a nice heli… that’s a pilots wet dream come true! :) Awesome flying!?

  • Nils Granholm:

    hope it never crashes too. (Turn down the music, would love to just hear your bird? :)

  • Dick Gibson:

    Kool? MAN!

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