Walkera V400D02 Maiden Flight

My initial flight of my V400D02, Really steady heli and simple to fly.
Online video Score: 5 / five

Video Score: 4 / five


11 Responses to “Walkera V400D02 Maiden Flight”

  • dr12mm13ers:

    What are your? setting or is that out the box flying?

  • Lenny7118:

    Great video! This is the second video of this Heli hovering indoors and I just can’t believe how stable it is! Did you make any custom adjustments to get it to fly that stable? If you did? can you share the setup.
    I have a Honeybee V2 and it’s no where as stable. I have a hard time just trying to get the Bee off the floor!

  • Gage2k5:

    Sure beats? the EF Sabre that was frustrating to try to learn on. I now have an S-107 and a 9053 with the sticks switched, and will be ordering the V400 this week. Thanks for sharing your first flight!

  • fireblade5050:

    Wow! I never thought that a CP heli with motor? driven tail would be so stable. Walkera is churning out some pretty cool stuff these days.

  • victorm316:

    That’s what I said when I saw this heli? fly!!!

  • aero380380:

    i want 1..!!?

  • burnrider2001:

    this song is about getting high and coming down…. thats? ok i like to smoke pot and fly my heli!!!!

  • quay0007:

    I Agree manhill, god to see some nice heli flying, Good work, See my vids on board cam on? my trex. by the way, Airwolf 1,at 1:37 was that a bird chasing the trex?

  • smoothb10:

    there is? no how to, the only way to learn is to do

  • chopper1one7:

    Beutiful flying, does anyone know of any how to heli vidios????

  • manhill:

    yep, nice flying… i like that cruising without 3d-ing… it`s a heli, not? an extra 300. very well done.

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