walkera LM3 rc helicopter-Worlds First 777mm LM3

This is the Worlds FIRST Monster Size 777mm long Walkera LM3 coaxial helicopter created by myself. The glassfibre canopy is a 550 size canopy with a set of 550 heli skids fitted to the this lm3 as well. The new canopy had to be cut to size and fitted a number of times on the LM3. thanks for looking.


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  • stot2614:

    @rolex0071 I don't even have an LM3, lol! I was just mentioning the CP helis that I am looking at buying as my first CP heli. I know most people would never go with a kit build for a first CP heli, but I love that heli so much and the pros I talk to say it is very stable because of its fast headspeed. As long as I keep things simple in flight, I am sure that I will have no problem flying the Gaui.

  • Rolex drone channel.:

    @stot2614 Well i would not run out and buy this size canopy for your LM3, ITS VERY HARD TO FLY with this 550 canopy and you need to put in a lot of work flying and it will not fly in any wind. – Thanks.

  • stot2614:

    Super cool heli! I can only wait to get my 60B… or even a Gaui Hurricane 255 if money is good enough! I don't do any modding (yet), but I think I am going to get my next heli blinged out so I don't have to call mine "stock" anymore. The only heli of mine that I ever blinged out completely was my first… the CX2.

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