Tweaker 180 Mini Quadcopter Review

Tweaker 180 Mini Quadcopter Review

My review of the Shendrones Tweaker, FPV Addiction Edition. Join me while I build it and take it for it’s first flight! The Tweaker is ridiculously fun to fly, it makes you feel like a better pilot! It’s how you first felt flying a 250 coming from a 400 all over again. It’s a 180 size frame, and uses 4″ props. The FPV Addiction version accommodates larger 2200 series motors and has a thicker 4mm bottom plate.

Hope you enjoy this video.

The components I used:
Acro Naze32
CC3D sized 5V BEC Output PDB
Cobra 2300kv motors
DYS Opto SN20a ESCs
Frsky D4R-II
ELGAE LT200 VTX, and FOV127 V700 Camera
6mm M3 screws to mount the motors

Intro screen music credit:
David Bulla – Highlife

Build video music credit:
daPlaque – Ultimate:

First flight video and closing music credit:
Disfigure – Hollah! [NCS Release]

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14 Responses to “Tweaker 180 Mini Quadcopter Review”

  • Enlightened FPV:

    Yeh buddy! :)?

  • Danny Cruz:

    Great quality review. Subbed. Do more! I agree, I always buy 5 motors and 5 ESCs for every build. I'm flying an XE180 that I got from a buddy and I'm loving it. I want to build one now to go with my fleet of 5 inchers. I'm between this one or the RMRC Goby 180. Surprisingly , the Goby is a little lighter, even with also having a 4mm bottom plate. Maybe it's the fact that the main cage is shorter and smaller and only has 4 standoffs. I also looked at the QAV180, but those have 3mm bottom plates and are somehow still as heavy as the Tweaker.?

  • Danny Cruz:

    I spot a Singer 911 :)?

  • Steven Gonzalez:

    Hey John, Great video! You offered lots of info which was very helpful. I was wondering, w/a 180 frame, did you have to change a lot of your settings in say, PIDs and Loop time? And did your motors get extremely warm (and no, the screws are not touching the casing)? I'm currently working on dial in a "Diatone 180" and am having a hell of a time getting settings right. Can you help w/any info or PIDs/loop time settings? I would really, really appreciate the help. And keep up the excellent vids. Thnx. info: Frame-DiatoneET180 EMAX- skyline32 – nano ESCs oneshot 125 support (though not flashed, they remain standard for the moment) DYS BX1306 3100kv, Bullnose props- 4045, 1000 mAh 35c Battery All on Clean Flight with wikii rewrite.
    P I D TPA = 0.15
    ROLL 1.0 0.020 30 TPA Breakpoint = 1500
    PITCH 1.0 0.018 30 LOOP TIME = 2400
    YAW 8.5 0.045 30 CYCLE = 417Hz?

  • ????:


  • Dwayne Baker:

    great flying, awesome pilot skills!?

  • Juan David Barrada:

    Hey! You got a new subscriber here! I like your videos, I'm glad I found your channel.

    Question: Would you please recommend me any quadcopter (electronics included) to get as my very first one? (I've been searching but I'm lost with the unlimited options!) I know how to flight RC planes but this would be my first quad (I have a Proto X…but that's just a toy!) Thanks in advance for your help and I really hope to see more of your videos!?

  • Tommy Walker:

    Nice 1st review Jon. just got my frame through post. for the money its solid. look forward to putting it together. keep em coming and good luck with your channel.?

  • TheSalt2011:

    Do you think 1550mAh 4s batteries are too big/heavy? I'm looking for the best trade between flight time and performance :)?

  • Indika De Fonseka:

    Awesome video! Subbed. Happy flying! : )?

  • Pedro Ochoa:

    You just got a new suscriber =)))))?

  • TSRC:

    The Sound of this little copter, its nice with the background musik g Nice Video … i buy also a 180 mini copter too ;-)?

  • Craig Hancock:

    Nice clean build!?

  • alfonso borja:

    Thank you for this review, it is fantastic!!
    Where did you grab that go pro mount for the tweaker??

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