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BEST FIRST radio controlled (RC) HELICOPTER for BEGINNERS ! XK K130 Flybarless RC Helicopter

BEST FIRST radio controlled (RC) HELICOPTER for BEGINNERS ! XK K130 Flybarless RC Helicopter
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Awesome to try out a product that will help first time pilots (who have RC sim heli experience) learn radio controlled (RC) helicopter flying but that also satisfies and challenges intermediate and expert pilots with its aerobatic and 3D capability. You get everything you need to fly in the box with the exception of 4 AA batteries for the transmitter. The 6G feature ensures beginners will never lose control and flip the heli accidentally. The variable speed tail rotor prevents the heli from rotating unless commanded by the pilot through the transmitter on the left stick. Intermediate and expert pilots will enjoy the 3D mode at the flick of a switch that enables use of full collective pitch for high energy sport flying and 3D aerobatics.

IMPORTANT: Radio controlled helicopters are extremely dangerous and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that expert help is found from an experienced RC pilot before you fly an RC helicopter for the first time and that you are proficient in flying collective pitch RC helis on a simulator such as Aerofly or Realflight before attempting to fly a real RC heli. Always consider your safety and the safety of others when flying radio controlled aeroplanes, drones or helicopters.

Filmed by Dom Mitchell for the ‘Essential RC’ YouTube channel using the Panasonic AG-UX180 Pro 4K camcorder.

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Heli 101 RC Helicopter – Super fast, Altitude hold (Review and Flight Test) First Step RC

Heli 101 RC Helicopter – Super fast, Altitude hold, 6 Axis Gyro (Review and Flight Test) First Step RC

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Firefox C129 4ch Flybarless Micro RC Helicopter RTF w/6-Axis Gyro first Maiden flight in 2021

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This palm-sized micro helicopter is packed full of features to help make it fun and relatively easy to fly. The flybarless system coupled with the 6-axis gyro stabilization unit gives it a stability not seen in many helicopters of this size before. The included 2.4GHz transmitter gives you full control of the helicopter. It allows you to climb or descend, fly backward and forwards, fly left and right, and rotate left and right. You can also select whether you wish to fly Mode 1 or Mode 2, and also there is a switch to increase or decrease the amount of rudder authority.

One of the features which will help beginners immensely is an auto take-off and landing button, a single press of the one-key button will make the helicopter take-off to an altitude of about 1.5 meters, press the same button again and it will safely land. Then there is the “Altitude Hold”, this is controlled via a barometric sensor, the helicopter will hold any height you set and will stay there when the throttle stick is set at neutral. To move to a new altitude simply move the throttle stick up or down until you reach the altitude you want, return the stick to neutral and it will stay there until you move the throttle stick again. An emergency stop function is also supplied, press, and hold the altitude button for 3 seconds and this will stop the motor instantly.

Being flybarless reduces the risk of damage to the helicopter in the event of a crash and also increases the flight time due to less drag. The included 300mAh 25C 1 cell modular battery is quick and easy to install and gives the Firefox an amazing duration of up to 15 minutes. This modular battery is charged using the supplied USB charger, this provides a fast and stable charge process. The Firefox is manufactured using high-performance components and materials which provide strength, are impact-resistant, and made to last.

• Fitted with a 6-axis gyro and flybarless system for the ultimate in stabilization
• Includes a switchable 2.4GHz Mode 1/Mode 2 transmitter
• Uses a barometric sensor for altitude hold
• Auto take-off and land function
• Flight times of up to 15 minutes
• Manufactured in crash-resistant materials
• Emergency stop function

Type: Firefox C129 RTF 4ch Flybarless Micro Helicopter
Frequency: 2.4GHz
No of Channels: 4
Transmitter Range: 80~100 meters
Transmitter Modes: Mode 1 (right-hand throttle)/Mode 2 (left-hand throttle) switchable
Motors: Brushed
Battery: 3.7V 300mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 60 minutes
Flight Duration: Up to 15 minutes
Body Length: 267mm
Body Height: 80mm
Rotor Diameter: 248mm
Weight: 50g

Firefox C129 RTF 4ch Flybarless Micro Helicopter w/6-Axis Gyro
4ch mode switchable 2.4GHz transmitter
3.7V 300mAh LiPo battery
USB charging cable
Spare set of rotor blades
Spare tail rotor blade
Spare set of linkage rods
Hex wrench
Instruction manual

4 x 1.5V “AA” batteries
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Check out my beginner’s guide to RC helicopter flight with the Blade 120s from Horizon Hobby. Helis have always been a curiosity of mine, but such a challenge to fly! The 120s is an upgrade from the original 120sr – it now incorporates the SAFE technology with 3 flight modes, stabilization, and a PANIC recovery button!

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FIRST STEP RC Heli 101 Beginner RC Helicopter 6-Axis Gyro Altitude Hold RTF – Review Part 1!

FIRST STEP RC Heli 101 Beginner RC Helicopter 6-Axis Gyro Altitude Hold RTF - Review Part 1!

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FIRST STEP RC Heli 101 Beginner RC Helicopter 6-Axis Gyro Altitude Hold RTF – Review Part 1
FIRST STEP RC Heli 101 RC Helicopters for Beginner 6 Axis Gyroscope Helicopter Toys for Boys with Remote Control Helicopters-RTF

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See you in the Air!

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First Step RC HELI 101 Flybarless RC Helicopter Review

First Step RC HELI 101 Flybarless RC Helicopter Review

Review of the Flybarless “Heli 101” Helicopter by First Step RC.
You can pick this up at Amazon Prime for .95

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Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list.

Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s best rc helicopter, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Rc helicopters included in this wiki include the syma s107h-e, jczk hughes 300c, syma s109g, walkera v450 d03, blade nano s3, syma helifury tf1001, syma s100, and wltoys xk k130.

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OMP Hobby M2v2 • My First RC Heli Flips!

I finally got up the nerve to go inverted with the OMP M2. They weren’t exactly precise, but, I don’t have any spare parts either, so I’m going to call it a success.

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New ESKY D700 3D 6ch Helicopter First look

Flybarless –

You are looking at Esky’s newest and latest D700 3D 450 sized 6 channel collective pitch helicopter. ESky fans will remember the lineage of belt cp helicopters. The D700 is their successor. This all new helicopter boasts loads of new and improved features. The chassis frame itself is slimmer and more robust. The newly redesigned 35amp speed controller has larger cooling fins and a superior capacitor to aid in cool and efficient running. The aluminum rotor head is also redesigned featuring a more robust and solid construction. The 120deg swash plate is a mix of composite and aluminum aiding in slop free operation. Digital 7.5g servos are smooth and precise allowing accurate control. The new and improved head locking gyro combined with the digital tail servo is easy to setup and makes the tail feel rock solid. The entire radio system is totally redesigned and is loaded with plenty of programming features even if you decide to use this radio for other projects. Features you will find in high end systems from the likes of JR and Futaba can be found in this radio. Dual rates, Expo, swash mix, servo speed, and the list of features in this radio goes on and on. The large and bright LCD screen is easy to navigate and read. It is also powered by a 3.7v 1100mah lithium battery allowing for efficient operating time. The charger is also redesigned too. No more mystery black box with flashing lights. The new charger is capable of charging 2-3 cell lipos and an LCD screen has the ability to display voltage for each individual cell being charged. To finish off the entire new look and feel Esky has presented in their new line helicopters, the manuals now come on a 1GB SD memory card. Needless to say this whole new lineup is very impressive.
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Série “Inside The”, des petites vidéos montrant les hélicoptères RC sans canopy / fuselage. Ca vous permet d’en voir la conception exacte, et éventuellement vous dépanner lors de réparations / remontages / réglages.
* Config : Esky F150 (version Bell 222 à la Airwolf / Supercopter du mini 150 FP de la marque) en version stock.
* Article : .
* BO : KatazTrophee / CC Creative Commons BY.

– Les autres “Insides” ici :
– Post complet sur cet héli à retrouver sur le forum gratuit dédié au mini / micro / nano RC :

*MMHD : si votre débit internet le permet, pensez à augmenter la résolution de cette vidéo dans YouTube !

Modèles et pièces disponibles en ligne ici : & (kits & parts available here)

This body of ESKY F150 is based on that famous helicopter and is a great combination of scale and performance for a Ready-to-Fly. Factory-assembled and test-flown allows for out-of-box flying experience. Direct drive tail motor power system for improved power and response. Multi Axis Control System (MACS®) design brings to more stable flight performance.

The ESKY F150 RTF is the ideal next step for any coaxial helicopter pilot ready to try single-rotor machines. Its fixed-pitch, simple rotor head and Multi Axis Control System (MACS®) has been specially designed to provide plenty of speed maneuverability while retaining the hands-off stability of a coaxial helicopter. Even experienced single-rotor pilots will find the ESKY F150 is great to have around whenever time, place or weather keeps you from flying a bigger helicopter.

Specs :
Length : 185mm (7.3 in)
Width : 45mm (1.8 in)
Height : 55mm (2.2 in)
Blade Length : 78mm (3.1 in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 168mm (6.6 in)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 36mm (1.4 in)
Gear Ratio: (Motor : Main : Tail) 8 : 1
Weight : 30g (1.1oz)
Recommended Environment : Indoor


Detrum Z3 Lite Autopilot First Look – Add GPS Based Return to Home to Any RC Plane

This is the RC Video Reviews first look at the Detrum Z3 Lite Autopilot. The Z3 is a standalone autopilot with stabilization, acro-mode, safe mode, and return to home capabilities that can be added to any RC plane with an S.BUS, CPPM, or DSM receiver.

The video is sponsored by Bitgo Hobby who provided the Z3 Autopilot for review.

UPDATE: Enable RTH by placing a 2 position switch on Channel 6.

Visit Bitgo Hobby at

The Z3 Autopilot can be found here:

The Z3 with 3-in-1 Programmer showm in the video is available here:


learning to Fly Nitro Rc Helicopter First week

Follow our journey as we progress, learning to fly Rc Helicopters from a beginner to advanced level, with all the fun and no doubt, the crashes while we progress through our learning curve.
Pilots R Blakey ( some experience ) M Blakey ( Beginner ) M Brewster ( Beginner )


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