SmackTalk R/C – The Best of Season 1 – Part 1/4

Free of charge SmackTalk R/C Episode! Bert & Bobby remember time 1, this is episode one of four. For far more information and video clips, pay a visit to Part two:
Video clip Ranking: 4 / five


6 Responses to “SmackTalk R/C – The Best of Season 1 – Part 1/4”

  • SleepEat3D:

    LOL That was Perfect , hehe at least Bert you shown people what happens if you get a lil bit too? low

  • pi3k:

    Guitars are so? gay. Just kidding man I fly helis and play guitar, too. Sweet lookin’ strat. Got a taylor acoustic myself. Keep up the great work you two, it’s awesome!!!

  • synman95:

    has anyone noticed? alot of heli pilots play guitar like me lol and bobby and tons of others

  • iMovieFAQ:

    What made it great was? Bert saying “do something SIMPLE” then buries it!!!

  • dizzymarkus:

    rof thats? stupid — great show fellas keep em coming

  • gnespolo:

    bert dude watch your posture ..your belly? dude….

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