SmackTalk RC Learning 3D #12 – Practice & Pirouetting Tips

Last episode in the series “Learning 3D”. Bert wraps up the series by providing some important tips on how to practice, he also revisits pirouetting and gives you pointers on how to learn stationary pirouettes.


18 Responses to “SmackTalk RC Learning 3D #12 – Practice & Pirouetting Tips”

  • MB:

    7:11 no milisecond of this video fits the word SIMPLE at all. living in the wrong universe I guess

  • Daniel Zinov:

    Thank you Bert, this is the best RC Helicopter educational channel on youtube, with love from Russia.

  • Brendan Shields:

    Great advise especially 13.52 onwards…. applies to more than just helis. If you dont get out of your comfort zone you are not learning.

  • 3D FPV Prints:

    I’d like to note..and I see a lot of people not doing this, always start your heli to the side of you and tail away. Even if it’s not completely sideways just don’t start the heli up with the tail facing you and don’t get directly behind it. Things do fail and this will give you a much better chance at not dying. Because that 700 will kill you in a second

  • heychas:

    This is a great chapter. Makes me want to go back and start from the beginning all over again!

  • C A:

    I slowed the simulator down to 30% for like 5 to 15 minutes, then I would speed it up again to normal speed, I flew that puppy like a champ on cocain!

  • Jin K Slate:


  • Ruselo Ducena:

    Thank you Bert….this video is very usefull ??

  • Stevie D:

    Berts a top man in teaching to fly a heli.

  • Vapletrichs Gne:

    Invaluable knowledge.

  • Bobby Siu:

    With this isolation from the pandemic, I’ve been really practising, why not, with all this free time. It’s true about giving the mind a break. Coming back to something I was struggling yesterday is so much easier the next. Great videos!

  • Zermelo:

    Two things that I'm glad Bert mentioned in this episode that I had questions about since I am practicing pirouetting now: 1 – as you increase the speed of the piro you will decrease the number of corrections during the revolution, and eventually pick 1 correction per revolution – although I was practicing that, I'm glad Bert confirmed it, and 2 when correcting at a fast piro rate you have to start your correction before the visual queue you will correcting for, again, something I suspected but I'm glad Bert confirmed. This is the first instructional video that I have seen that have actually address those two important points. At first correcting during slow piros its like you're doing a small stir on the stick so it someone implies that you will be doing a small stir for correcting for drift during fast prios but as Bert said that is something that is not practical at those speeds. Good stuff. Glad I watched this!

  • Tom Marsh:

    Top piro tips! Thank you so much!!

  • Michele Beomonte Zobel:

    Mode 1 ?

  • Jason Day:

    The four flight rule was helpful thank you

  • Ed Hernandez:

    Bert, I'm glad you posted these online, and I'm glad I watched this one. I purchased some of these years ago(the first few, but I never got to #12), and then life happened and I lost focus. I've rediscovered these, and I feel encouraged by the advice in this particular video: focus, be disciplined, but also don't over do it. I think when I over do it, I practice 'wrong', and end up reinforcing bad habits. I have a long way to pick up where I left off, but I'm enjoying the hobby again. Always good to shake your hand at IRCHA each year. Take care!

  • Arek Ka?mierowski:

    This is great. Pirouetting advises from this vid got me to pirouette fast upright and inverted overnight actually. I agree this wasn't covered earlier. Great tips…

  • LF Records:

    great "channel"…..if someone could teach about how helis fly….Bert do it the best possible….

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