Sky Viper v950HD Video Drone Test Flight

Here’s an HD camera quadcopter from skrockettoys. Very well built with good quality plastics. May be available at your local WalMart, Target, Toys R Us, or Amazon. More info here

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16 Responses to “Sky Viper v950HD Video Drone Test Flight”

  • Will Brown:

    horrible camera?

  • Will Brown:

    cheap 50 dollar drone…?

  • indiana trains:

    dose it have sound?

  • Kevin Horn:

    Is the ripple affect to the video normal? The quality looks great, but as you are panning and rotating, the horizon and picture gets a strange ripple affect. Doesn't appear to be frame rate dropping. just curious as it looks like a nice little copter and the video, aside from the oddity is really great as well.?

  • Zoya Howard:

    should I get the full size one or the nano one? I'm a beginner and just want to have fun with it not looking to spend a lot of money since I'm a beginner?

  • Jason Austin:

    Funny how no one mentions that the majority of these "new" toy quads are just Blade MQX clones. I will say that most have better canopies and color styles. What's more, people are amazed at the range you get. Well yeah, you're in the desert!?

  • randy ochoa:

    What FPV drone is best over all the jjrc h8d, the WL toys V686g, or the sky viper v950str? im planning on investing in a small set up for my first fpv drone. if you can get back to me it would be great?

  • Eruptor Plays:

    Video have audio??

  • MattyMalvs9:

    do you ever have any problems with it not recording some video mine does that and i just got it?

  • xXStorm ChasersxX:

    Hello Quadcopter 101. I have this same drone..just bought a few days ago…Would putting foil on the antenna increase the potential range of the copter? Please reply!?


    :( mine did not come with batteries… now i have to wait till i go back out and get batteries.. not cool.. :(?

  • Carl Turner:

    is the wavy effect just the height??

  • Jayvon Smalls:

    how much was it?

  • Gooster Gooster:

    Not all transmitters have batteries installed?

  • TheRobloxGamer5900:

    When I checked the video it had no sound. Have you experienced that? If so please let me know of any solution. It doesn't do that to my sky viper streaming drone.?

  • Mark B:

    Blah Blah Blah had to wait until 3:35 to see you fly this stupid shit.?

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