S107 Tutorial: How To Set-up a 3 Channel RC Helicopter

This is Xheli.com’s step by step guide on setting up your 3 Channel Helicopter. The one shown in this set-up guide is our bestseller, the Syma S107 that can …
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Ever wonder what the difference between rc helicopter your buy at toys r us or wal-mart like air hogs and the more expensive hobby grade rc helicopters are? …
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37 Responses to “S107 Tutorial: How To Set-up a 3 Channel RC Helicopter”

  • brokentinman124:

    They look? pretty good. I got mine on Christmas

  • KaskadeHD:

    nice i havent seen any green? ones

  • eltobby23:

    Shirt jahaha?

  • saman1820:

    Hello can you rewie? the speed devil nightflame

  • brokentinman124:

    I have a green s107 it looks? so boss!

  • Ciano Q:

    How do i set the band selector on the transmitter? I? did the steps but it does not fly :( Please help.

  • xhelicopter:

    That could mean that the batteries in the? transmitter is getting low.

  • indeep2k11:

    what if you dont have a solid green? light?

  • v431141:

    very good? video 😀

  • Jake Bailes:

    I just opened mine and it won’t charge…?

  • Jordy Boulker:

    Tell me, what tha hek do we got on this? information???

  • nerfkiller71:

    you have to put new batteries? in the remote after evrey 6 remote charges or it WONT WORK ON THE GO

  • xhelicopter:

    The factory produces the items and sends them to us and you can order? it on our website and we’ll send it to you.

  • lilsk8mafia:

    oh okay then,? so do you guys just have a factory that produces these rc products and send it out to customers from there?

  • xhelicopter:

    Sorry we don’t? have a physical shop.

  • lilsk8mafia:

    you guys have awsome videos,? do you have a shop anywhere?

  • MonsterRcPlanes:

    I had a tail fan heli that was ok but I’m getting a msrx or a 120sr?

  • Libus Rab:

    that’s right, this is? really fantastic. i can tell you one thing, i really got shocked when i got paid a check of $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. i found it here: bit.ly/17drg1E?=ombsa

  • Azsogon:

    Great video, my first heli (3.5 channels, with the horizontal rotor in the back) hasn’t arrived yet, however I’m already? looking at prices and shipment options for a 6 channel Walkera Master CP, would you recommend it? Thanks

  • guitarsandgun:

    dose my 6 channel esky honeybee king 4 count? as a hobby grade lol jk, nice video

  • nuwayz1:

    Great video, I learnt heaps. Keep up the? good work.

  • turboninjastix:

    And lastly, Bnf versions are awesome if you? don’t want a dozen different controllers laying around. Thanks, Brandon !

  • turboninjastix:

    Thank you very much for these videos. I started last summer with an AirHogs, then bought a Double Horse online for $50 as a beginner FP (and I like LEDs). You touch? on all of the good points. Yes, I can buy and replace parts very cheap online, but I have found that I do so very often ! I bought a used mcx2 rtf on ebay for my nephew. Of course I had to test fly for him 😉 Now I want one for myself because it is SO easy to walk into a hobby store and get a part or extra battery, and fly that day

  • Tinstar2:

    …and “maybe” not maybed! I? should put on my glasses!

  • Tinstar2:

    I meant “adaptor”,? not adaprot! LOL

  • Tinstar2:

    It seemed more flimsy than my cheap ones, but discovered that it really isn’t. The way it flies is just fantastic! The extra money really gets you everything…a great chopper, battery for the chopper, a charger, the control, AND batteries for the control and? charger! What more can you ask for…well, maybed what I bought…the AC adaprot for the charger and an extra battery for the chopper. I have only been flying for three days now, and doing great! I will get the MCX2 next like you have!

  • Tinstar2:

    Great video! I sure wish that I had watched it before getting the two pieces of junk that I got before getting a MCX RTF! I am retired and stay at home quite a bit, and I wanted something to do other than TV, Computer, video games, and chores. I’ve always loved planes and choppers and once had a neighbor that built his own RC gas powered planes. I would go watch him fly? and loved it. Never could afford my own. After buying to cheapo’s that broke in no time, I got the MCX and LOVE it!

  • TehEnderDragon:

    I? got a 120$ heli for 20$ including a charger and parts. I have yet to get it though.

  • trexinvert:

    Nice video. To further elaborate? a few more distinctions. Fixed pitch, Coaxial, and CP(collective pitch = real rc heli’s). RTF’s with “cheap tx’s” vs RTF’s with either spektrum or futaba tx.

  • huraldo fraire:

    i? hate advertisements

  • chayse james:

    You? are mostly wrong

  • Scott Cupp:

    Was it the s800G that you just? bought?

  • Vbluguitar:

    @Kevin Millard and if you dont believe me about my “heli” love just check? my channel. My falcon x review is my most watched video…

  • Vbluguitar:

    @Kevin Millard do you own any Blade products? I run two businesses and often work 12 hour days, but I fly on break time. My Blades are all 3 years old and I still have all of them running. My fav cheapy was the Syma? Airwolf. It was a VERY smooth coax. it died around 150..

  • Kevin Millard:

    i cant say i have 2k flights on any of my helis i have to work for a living so i dont get to fly that much but i have a few that have any where from 50 to 200 + flights and still have not had to repair them where as a few others in the past while learning how to fly i toasted and fixed them several times before you just give up and buy a another one.getting parts is easy for any of thoes mall choppers as you? wish to call them , some sure you have to find compatible parts but they are out there

  • Vbluguitar:

    Walls and ceiling will suck you in. Bent shaft will cause it to “toilet bowl” and? rock. Could be either.

  • Vbluguitar:

    I have to ask – all of you who are shouting angrily about this video and? how wrong this dude? is, have any of you owned one of the Blade or Tiger “hobby grade” micro choppers? Just curious. If you don’t think there is a difference I would think you haven’t tried both. Not saying that there aren’t good cheapies out there, I love a good deal. Just saying that they definitely aren’t made the same. I? agree with OKCRC though. Start cheap, if you love it, move up.

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