S032 3 Channel RTF Co-axial Electric Helicopter w/ Gyroscope

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22 Responses to “S032 3 Channel RTF Co-axial Electric Helicopter w/ Gyroscope”

  • Victor Espejo:

    yo tengo? uno asi S032G

  • JezUK456:

    You? can get this heli at controlthis.co.uk?

  • Kevin Keke:

    did you fly this heli on outside with wind and can it handle well? i have syma 031G. it’s good and better than volitation 9053 but still? sometimes blow the heli 031G away. but when i see this, it’s so stable…

  • xhelicopter:

    On a full charge you should? get about 8-10 minutes of flight time.

  • vishal patel:

    im? only getting about 5-10 mins battery life, is this right?!

  • ross colby:

    Xheli Srry?

  • ross colby:

    What’s a good choice for my very first I want one 3 ch outdoors? Hurry Iits almost Xmas please? xgrid do respond!

  • FUNNYman1808:

    Yea the trim helped I got it just? right.


  • xhelicopter:

    Have you tried setting the? trim on the helicopter?

  • FUNNYman1808:

    Yea. And long does yours last??

  • xhelicopter:

    Does? it spin like in a toilet bowl effect?

  • FUNNYman1808:

    I got the hang of? it but mine spins a lot why is this happening?

  • xhelicopter:

    If you push the right stick up the? helicopter will for forward and down for backwards, if you move it left or right the helicopter will spin in that direction.

  • 039RICH:

    Hi, I have this model and find it diffcult to control specifically moving forward and backward. Can u help me? The first stick is for up and down and the second stick controls the rear motor. Once i have it up using the first stick how do i move forward or bring it back to me. Once up and i use the second stick the heli begin just spinning in a circle or rotating in the direction i use? d stick but BUT not moving forward. Also is d gyro broken cause it can move it up/dwn wit my hand.

  • geoff meadows:

    i would buy the? f163 helicopter its about 40 dollars and it is well well worth it i have flown a lot of helicopters and for a new person it is highly recommended.

  • discountspace1:

    get some cheap? but high quality rc electric helicopter, just google search”rchobbies101″,then you will find the store.

  • Green Silver:

    Why do they always show these flying with the arial cable looped up? If you undo it your heli won’t drop out of the air as soon as it looses the signal gets weak for? a moment

  • Joeri Pieters:

    or you could? play Battlefield 3 to learn :p

  • Michael Morris:

    hey i Subscribe you can u plz do the same and Subscribe me plz? plz plz plz

  • hivewasp:

    if it’s IR controlled instead of radio controlled; any glare / bright light will overpower the IR light beams from the remote and confuse the helo for a bit; and IR doesn’t really have? a huge range.

  • ininin86:

    Helicopter toy? with Gyroscope for kids at? affordable prices? at? JOYFAY.COM
    For Only? $23.99? -? Shop? big!? Save?? big!? ?

  • msanarko:

    recommended for indoor flying ..?

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