RH75 – Double Horse 9116 4channel 2.4GHz RC Helicopter

www.netgadgets.co.uk The Double Horse 9116 is an awesome piece of kit. Its 4 channel design allows it to maneuver more like a real helicopter with the ability to bank and turn in flight. It also benefits from autostablisation, so its more controlled than its 3 channel predecessor. It’s also the most fun single rotor RC helicopter we’ve flown here at Netgadgets. The single rotor design makes it much faster and more suited to outdoor flying than a co-axial helicopter. The controller is 2.4GHz and benefits from a LCD display for more accurate flying and control. Fully assembled, the Double Horse 9116 is ready to fly straight out of the box. All in all this helicopter has features only seen on models twice the price, so you know your getting a great piece of kit with the Double Horse 9116. For more information and photos visit us at www.netgadgets.co.uk www.netgadgets.co.uk
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18 Responses to “RH75 – Double Horse 9116 4channel 2.4GHz RC Helicopter”

  • IbizaHippo:

    Hi, looks? great. Would you recommend this over a Blade 120 SR?

  • alfingido:

    Great helicopter, but out of? stock and dearer than most places

  • Arachely Macias:

    why it is? easy to control out out of tje box well of course if your a experienced pilot

  • Racer18crf:

    Is it easy? to control out of box? PLEASE RESPOND

  • rkjer:

    Mine is trimmed so well now i? can hover it in a 8×8 bathroom. My only problem is once it gets moving in a fast forward direction ourside it doesnt want to turn. If its moving slowly it will turn and spin very sharp.. but not when moving fast. Anyone have this problem?

  • QcChopper:

    I just received my DH9116 and have done a couple of flights, very? nice control, but once I kicked up the dual rate switch I couldn’t believe how aggressive it was, that’s a mean little bird!

  • rkjer:


  • tristanbreen:

    I hate when people zoom in on rc? helis, cant gauge how high it is or how fast its going.. Thanks for the Vid though.

  • a3dfxnut:

    Had a 9116 for a week now. 2 dozen flights, with both my sons and myself taking? turns.
    We had some mild crashes, but if you kill power before impact, it seems live through it. It still runs great. Those complaining about the battery only lasting 10 cycles must not be letting the pack cool down after discharging and charging.

  • APrintezis:

    How does? that compare (in terms of flying – not in terms of size) with the Double Horse 9117 or the MJX F45 ?? Does anyone know ??

  • hollymint1:

    can? i use blades from my 9100 0n my 9116

  • TheBeatSmith:

    I agree?

  • TheBeatSmith:

    I have a 9116 and I didn’t notice that my elevator controls were reverse….holding the elevator down makes? the? copter fly forward. thats not right, is it? Can it be reverse or is the board fried?

  • timw1959:

    Have you flown the 9117 yet?It’s a really good heli,big brother to 9116.I? have a short video posted.

  • mymom22000:

    lol me 2 just like 10 minutes ago lol i cant? wait for it to arrive also!!!

  • mymom22000:

    just put a weight in? the front and you should b good 😛

  • TheBeatSmith:

    My problem with this? bird is it does not have enough head speed. thats why is drifts and deeps so bad… If you are a beginner then this may abe for you but if you want to actually fly a bird without constantly correcting it….then this is not for you….But most importantly, it does not fly like a 6 channel…

  • stupid3579:

    Great video.I have one and it’s a? blast to fly!I have ordered the new 9117,the big brother of the 9116.I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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