Review: Hubsan SpyHawk FPV (part 2)

Here is the new Review of Hubsan SpyHawk FPV plane showing changes, upgrades and modifications that factory made and the 2nd batch will be coming out soon with these great meaningful changes. In this video we will see the flight performance, talk about tips and tricks of flying and take a look at how this plane behaves after those upgrades. This is a great little and very affordable platform for beginners to learn to fly and get into the world of FPV flying quick and easy, without spending 100s of hours of research on what to buy, where to buy, buying expensive professional gear they can’t use properly, taking toils to put FPV systems together and in the finding out things don’t work right. In Part 3 we will talk more about flight performance and settings that work best for flight and we will clearly show the Cons and Pros in conclusion. For more info access our site Comments and feedback welcome at [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] Don’t forget to visit , and Subscribe to http and
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19 Responses to “Review: Hubsan SpyHawk FPV (part 2)”

  • MaGiKCriMiNaL:

    Lose* Loose would be as? in… This top is loose..

  • foxabilo:

    I have video of it doing this if you wanna see on my channel, I? understand that going to full power does stress the gyros, but many of the auto pilot loosing it are just slow passes, if they are low it crashes, if they are high it flips around like a lunatic and then pulls itself out and on we go, some times I am fast enough to hit manual and take over (20 years + pilot) then flip back to auto. Do YOU ever get this with your factory models? also I will give my arm for the GPS Unit. Big Fan

  • foxabilo:

    Hi Alishanmao, you must be a very busy man, that I can understand I run a business too :)
    One thing I wondered if you could help me with, I have the? latest SpyHawk stab on/off blah blah, amazing machine, had it to I wont say how many feet as there are rules in England but ALOT, I love it ,BUT 5% of the time the pilot goes NUTS, it does full deflection ailerons, full deflection elevator, basically for 3 seconds it is not under any control, them WHAM back to usual, this can be at any time. Advice?

  • Tokatt:

    what? country is this video taken?

  • Brandon Linker:

    might be folks who had nothing but? problems with their plane. I didn’t dislike this video, but I’ve had my fair amount. It was a pain in the butt, but luckily Ali is awesome with customer service.

  • Alex Rodriguez:

    If the world didn’t have haters there would be no one to piss off when you? make a cool video like this one. So to answer your questions….trolls lol

  • jetmanjo:

    I have one from the first batch and found that the enter button turns on and off video for me. I thought the Micro SD card that came with it was not very good as it works sometimes and not other times. I have lost control at times probably due to low battery level after a couple of flights. Will try Lipo and see how that does. I found a source for after market batteries and have ordered 3 each of two different sizes.? I can send you info if you like. Waiting for them to arrive.

  • alishanmao:

    max range 400m, OSD and RTH is? gonna be available in 3rd batch maybe

  • whoknows2fly:

    Hey ali, nice job as? always. Quick question, correct me if i am wrong, this is a pre made kit. What is the max range, speed, and is there OSD and RTH? If no OSD or RTH could it be put in or is it just to small?

  • firstveiw2:

    The rain has stopped in Ireland too? there was Probably a hurracaine

  • xXTC94Xx:

    ali whats better the rampage xt or the monsoon,sorry that it has? nothing to do with this video,lol but any advice would be great and wats faster?

  • mayantribe:

    it looks so smooth and fun to fly.?

  • alishanmao:

    thanks buddy?

  • alishanmao:

    must? be some FT and hobbyking fans LOL

  • alishanmao:

    yes now it has this function. You can press Enter button during flight to turn recording on and off. and pressing the Exit button? once will turn off stabilization and pressing exit again will turn the stabilization on 😀 try it. 😀 but careful, without stabilization, this bird is not easy to fly heheheh

  • muffdriver69:

    I was told in another video watch?v=qc9LGrPHpI4 that you can press the ‘enter’ button? on the remote, and it records.? So you don’t have to press it in the plane. I tried mine and it works! but mine looks kind of buggy -_-

  • zero00tolerance:

    ok who the F? dislike this ?

  • zero00tolerance:

    nice comment? !.


    First, Ali Keep up the good work Because i use? to watch your videos from the start XD ur an amazing person on the internet and real-life…

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