Replacing broken feathering shaft on E-Razor 450 RC Helicopter

The helicopter was great immediately after the crash in this movie, I just added it for influence. The crash that broke the feathering shaft transpired soon later on, but the digicam man was active consuming a beer. It was a quite stunning assault on the earth.


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  • epad1947:

    Are you still flying this heli, I have one just like and have broken at least three feathering shafts and three swash plates, the little shaft that keeps it from turning is so weak. Also the main gear and pinion wear away after ten flights, and I still only hovering about. ? How does yours do for wear and tear

  • codyjaybditw:

    do you recommend this? helicopter?

  • jon780:

    I had to drill out one of the screws in mine. then I bought a pair of really nice eflite 1.5mm hex drivers (like $3/ea).? the other one came out easily.

  • Strikeslip:

    It’s been a while… If memory serves, I think I got one out, but couldn’t? get the other. I gave up and just used new screws in the new feathering shaft. You will want to have them screwed in really well of course, with some locktite. Good luck.

  • gooshpoo2:

    Question I also have a E razor 450 Carbon edition, it feels like someone used a air ratchet or torque bar to screw in the screws for the Feathering shaft. Did you have a problem with unscrewing them. I put everything i have into? turning them without any success

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