RC Helicopter Test Stand

Entire Write-up: www.hoverandsmile.com Pops and myself, with help from Jax, mass create Helicopter Test Stands…If a pair count as mass production. Eli Whitney would even now be proud. Our reproduction of NightFlyyer’s examination stand style, as he was gracious enough to give us a elements itemizing. www.hoverandsmile.com
Video clip Score: four / 5


2 Responses to “RC Helicopter Test Stand”

  • erkrystof:

    Well, thank you for the compliment, though I do want to make it clear that this sort of thing has? definitely been done before, and ours is based off of NightFlyyer’s related youtube movie (see more info tab).

    Just trying to not create any drama. :)

  • 1flyinghigh:

    Great idea? Eric. Well done;-)

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