RC Helicopter Protocol Accelerator with gyro 3.5 channel.3gp

First time flying…..
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  • welcha83:

    Such a calm day there! I’ve never been able to take mine outside here in even mild? wind. The forward/backward movement isn’t strong enough to counter it. I bought mine because it wasn’t infrared and it was metal. I soon moved onto a V911 and have been very happy.

  • prodrive2000:

    @Chandan Ganguly….. It? between 6-8minutes.

  • Chandan Ganguly:

    what? is the flying time for this?

  • MarioE104:

    @ prodrive2000….thx :)?

  • salvador Marquez:

    I have won like? that

  • prodrive2000:

    @? MarioE104 … It between 6-8minutes.

  • MarioE104:

    What’s the? minutes of flight?

  • ericwreid1964:

    Thanks :-)?

  • 3DSgamefun:

    Thats good for your first time. :)?

  • Helicrapter rc:

    Is this a IR,? 27Mhz, 35Mhz, or 2.4 gig?

  • lamm1606:

    I bought one today and the remote broke? on me, I’m returning it tomorrow

  • Eddie Diaz:

    These 3.5 coaxial gyro Rc heli are great for starting out, but trust me you WILL want a 4 channel heli… way! funner and a whole lot more control and forward speed (plus bank? turns lol)

  • Jeffrey Lomele:

    How is the battery life for this? And what’s a typical charge? time?

  • Lanyablo:

    These big ones are also Radio Controlled not Infrared. The Signal even makes the radio in my house go? crazy.

  • Lanyablo:

    PS. Theres a small? adjustment on the controller (beside the throttle) that will adjust where your throttle cuts in and out. I set it on the Lowest marker above minimum.

  • Lanyablo:

    Accetorator works quite fine? on mine … Dunno how you could get 4 of them to crap out on you unless your flying out of the 100Ft range or you have something else interfering with the radio signal… or your a shit pilot either way.

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