RC Helicopter LED navigation lights using Arduino board

A 10 minute project to create a strobing helicopter lighting system using the Arduino board, a few resistors and 3 LEDs.
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9 Responses to “RC Helicopter LED navigation lights using Arduino board”

  • johnsoncp13:

    Exactly! Yes, thank you. Having prototyped on the Arduino you can also use an ATMega chip and? a couple of very cheap components as well. I’ve tried this myself and it works a treat.

  • Warndog:

    lol looks good to me. throw it? on an ATtiny n you got yourself a nice lightweight Navlight system for your rc heli

  • johnsoncp13:

    You are right, of course. This was more a theoretical exercise rather than a practical project. However, now that it is easy to? program a $2.50 ATtiny chip from the Arduino, the components on the helicopter are down to about $4. Good luck with your sales.

  • DJPaulgee1:

    Question……..would you spend all that money on an Arduino board? and place it into a model plane or boat?? It look too much hassle to connect the board to a pc and program it, and how do you get the sequence and flashing rates to how you want them?? I am making these circuits out of a few high brightness led’s, a few resistors, a small i.c and a small vero board, very cheap and simple to make a working flashing navigation system. I sell them on ebay.

  • johnsoncp13:

    Thanks. I have no idea? why this has caused negative comments.

  • LSLencrypted:

    …Why all the hostile? comments?

  • plasto539:

    er…….show the lights working,? maybe??

  • johnsoncp13:

    I feel really bad that you didn’t like the video. I don’t know what I? can do to improve the situation.

  • Zack A:

    your bad and you should feel bad?

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