Hey men – a preview of my traveling subject although I am away at function :) this is the MSH Mini Protos helicopter. Checkout my other movies for far more specs or you can question below! ARKRC.com.au


16 Responses to “R/C Helicopter FLYING OVER SHIP SIDE ?”


    What do? you do on the boat? what kinda boat is it? thats awesome video!

  • HalfNakedGUCCI:

    Freakin sweet! I have been? wanting to do this from my ship but have been scared!

  • kduck1009:

    I get? anxiety watching this video. Nicely done!

  • calaisexclusive:

    You sick f…..ker. That is awesome crud man. Was here a guy down the back with a net just in case? she went in the drink? Love the GoPro!!!!!!!

  • RCParkFlying:

    That’s way cool… next should? be flying a heli while riding in a heli :) great vid and cool channel! :)

  • cruddbucket:

    Haha? yeah, cheers Al!

  • projectsplat:

    the guys on the boat must love you. something to take some boredom out of the day. ? nice vid.

  • cruddbucket:

    Hi mate, thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it :) … and you are more than? welcome! I’ll see you at GMAC Display day on the 25th of March? Cheers

  • fexchef01:

    People told me about this vid. Did not think it was as good? as it really is. Double enthusiastic thumbs up. Thanks for fixing my T-Rex 500efl pro at the last greensborough fun fly as it flies like a dream. Hope to catch up again when your on dry land.

  • JohnOPSEC:

    Very nice flying. And as for dry dock in Singapore, I can think of worse places to be. So, how’s you like Orchard and the Four Floors? I usually stay at St.? Regis when we’re in Singapore so, it’s a close walk…er…stumble “home” from the Four Floors.

  • Noahmyra:

    Very nice? 5 stars

  • amartolosgr:

    Best rc Heli? video i ve ever seen>really enjoyed >

  • Adam13115511:

    Wow you are very skilled, i would be scared to? death to do that

  • MrHelidude:

    Very spectacular flying. Stunning? location ……….. :-)

  • bnchinook:

    You definitely have flying skills, that’s thumbs up? , 4 stars, and a high five : )

  • cruddbucket:

    I think I might need a submarine instead? haha

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