RC Heli tail servo problem

My tail servo doesn’t go back to it’s position.I don’t know what’s going on. It just basically get stuck at the position it was put at.


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  • rchelicopter maniac:

    there is nothing wrong during flight it? will fly ok look at the my channel i am still a begginer but i am getting better

  • bsxiong:

    @vl13819, Well actually….it is a problem for me. If this is happening to your heli, then you better make sure that you have the tail center before you lift off or elese you’ll be spinning in circles. It does? get fixed when it’s in the air though.

    I can’t do anything to fix it because the Tx isn’t modifi-able with these RTF machines.

  • Tal Shemesh:

    i have the same thing and since i am new to Heli (i have only airplanes), i thought it’s broken.?
    so you say it’s ok and it’ll be automatically fixed by the gyro during the flight?

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