RC Heli Crash XLPower 520 • How to SMOKE $1000 in 30 Seconds • Plus KILLER SAB Kraken 580 Flight!

RC Heli Crash XLPower 520 • How to SMOKE 00 in 30 Seconds • Plus KILLER SAB Kraken 580 Flight!

Yep, that just happened. No worries, the Kraken made an appearance and redeemed the pilot in a big way.

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14 Responses to “RC Heli Crash XLPower 520 • How to SMOKE $1000 in 30 Seconds • Plus KILLER SAB Kraken 580 Flight!”

  • DE3US:

    Good stuff Gent's – glad to see you´re having a fun day at the field :-)

  • MyNameIsONE:

    That Kraken is such a good looking heli!

  • Javier Moreno:

    Very nice! Tell Freddie that was a very nice and smooth flight. I have been flying for about 6 years and one thing I noticed is that helicopters are really amazing and cool on the overall RC hobby but they get little exposure. So I thank you for this video since you have a very large subscriber base and the video already has a healthy amount of views. The biggest heli event on the US just wrapped up this last weekend, the IRCHA Jamboree so good timing :)

  • CurryKitten:

    They don't crash nicely fo they – full props to Freddie for going out and flying the other heli somehow being able to put the previous crash out of his head like that.

  • David Paker:

    Good flying good video sorry about the crash

  • PropsOff:

    Love helis.. Sad to see them hit the ground though. Freddie has a good humor, I would have made this video, rated R, Lol.. Good to see him find his groove…?????

  • Hobiekanobie:

    Great flight Freddie, that’s an awesome looking heli!!

  • Drone Pilot:

    Fun to watch the second flight, the first was like oh man… been there done that.,.. If the frame survives then the tail boom rotor blades etc are almost like comsumables.. . still is a sad moment when they crash because it never looks good.

  • William Cox:

    I can fly like that also, it is called out of control. Great job Freddie! Thanks John for a neat video.

  • h speed:

    So sorry to see the first one go down but WOW! your skills are amazing Freddie

  • Adriano Casemiro:

    Helis are crazy hard to fly 3d, let alone flying them at all. Freddie sure can do it. And then something.

  • FreeRangeChicken RC:

    Outstanding piloting, Freddie! Now that’s how you bounce back after a mishap.

  • Oded k:

    Thanks for the video, good flight Freddie, you are flying expensive helicopters, I'm sure you know and master very well 3D flight.


    Ouch but cool!

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