NiteWatch helicopter is similar to Blade Cx2, but cheaper

Modern “no friction” ahead controls, this heli is not far too negative for the cost. (Sparc NiteWATCH) Helicopter It genuinely will fly ahead and is pretty steady. There is a nice big trim knob in the middle of the transmitter to attain and end any undesired rotations. About 50 percent the price tag of a Blade CX2, but not a complete six channel heli. Good to learn hand and eye coordination.


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  • Derelictos:

    this is nothing like a cx2. see my video i posted and you will see how much faster flight the cx2 is capable of than this? nitewatch

  • Pacfan98:

    Can you review the? Air Hogs Helix 360? It’s Air Hogs first ever 4 channel heli!

  • iloveknex:

    lol? looks like a mini version of the hunter heli you reviewed.

  • speedstakerguy:

    woahh this is kind of like this? other 4 or 3 channel havoc heli mod another person on youtube made! and that is pretty kool

  • tyefightermike:

    I’m not sure how much this little heli costs but for 130 bucks I would try the E-Flight MCX. Better? radio, you can have several flying at the same time without interferance and it doesn’t have that long wire trailing down from it


    I bought a little pico flyer, I think thats the name because it looks same as the one called that on youtube.
    2 channel? infra red control.
    Single main rotor and electric tail.
    I have crashed it hundreds of times and knocked a big chunk off both main rotor blades but it still flies well?????

    I recomend that as a good toy!

  • NightFlyyer:

    Your right. If I? can get one, I will review it.

  • saltbearer:

    Another vote for lama v3/v4 would like to see? the lama v3 reviewed as a quality basline heli for beginners (Please NightFlyyer) 😉

  • NightFlyyer:

    LOL. ? Thanks kindly.

  • ElroyHarvey:

    What?? I am subscribed to you so how come i missed this video??? lol

    Must be a Utube glitch sometimes i get videos come up weeks after they are uploaded.

    Still most important i? seen it now and got my fix of “Sciene Class” :)

    Cheers Dave!

  • NightFlyyer:

    Yep, if you do not shut off the heli when you crash, one of the motors (usually the top rotor one) gets gears stripped or overheated, and they burn out. Also a slight crack or chip in the blades will slow it down enough that? yawing is compromised.

  • Jacob Wagner:

    I can’t believe I actually found a video about this heli! I went out searching for a decent 3ch heli and found this at the hobby store.. Flew fine for about 6 flights then had a not to bad crash (by comparison to other crashes) into a pot of African Violets. ? They flowers were completely shredded, but thats another story :) Anyway, now when I give it more throttle, it just spins out of control to the right and performs the “Funky Chicken”. I think the Top blade is too slow. Please Help!

  • NightFlyyer:

    I DO have a CX2 and even did a couple of reviews on it last year. See…”My choice between Havocs and Honeybees”? or my “CX2 Upgrade” video to see it.

  • RunFaster011:

    You wish you had a? cx2!

  • NightFlyyer:

    Thanks. Well you will never get it to taxi, as the magnet cyclic is not as good as regular? cyclic. Remember left stick pushed to the left makes the nose move to the left, not the tail, so make sure your going the right way. All helis are constantly unstable and will never be able to “park” in the sky. They need constant attention on both sticks. Study my 9 heli flying tips for more on it.

  • terryma1215:

    I got one from? my aunt, for some reason, while I am trying to take off, the helicopter spins(I push the elevator stick upwards and it takes a second to lift off and at that time, it rotates on the ground and a little in mid air). What do I do to fix it? Use the trimming knob(Do I turn it the opposite direction of the spin?) Also how to get it to taxi?
    FYI Good video.

  • NightFlyyer:

    Your? right.

  • alazz912:

    i had a heli like that i got stuck in a corner and had no left or right and smashed it to peaces…in? the long run it better to invest in the blade cx 2

  • NightFlyyer:

    Get? an Esky Co Co Lama V4. It is identical as the Blade Cx2, except for the radio and it flies very nicely.

  • sk8forlife99:

    i have realflight simulator (G3.5) and can fly some of the helis on it….like the helimax EZ and impala .30 training heli and sorta the huey…..i want? something that can do what a blade cx2 can do but im only 12 so it has to be cheaper…any suggestions?

  • melissamcrae:

    Nice Video lolz,? my names Anna, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Anna-bivwhsfnxav chat soon 😉

  • NightFlyyer:

    Yep, everybody? is into “knockoffs” these days.

  • Aaron C:

    hey, did you know that theres one that’s pretty? much the same, but in a uh-1 and md530 body

  • NightFlyyer:

    I got mine at Donovans Hobby and Scuba center in Sioux Falls, SD for about? $90.

  • aeschlimand:

    where can i get one and how? much does it cost

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