New Walkera V400D02 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter

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17 Responses to “New Walkera V400D02 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter”

  • APrintezis:

    Hi Tony .. i an previous video of another 6-Channel Gyro heli you mentioned that if you let the sticks go, it tries to balance itself close to a hover. (i.e. if you let the forward stick go, it will try to slow down). I am flying a heli right now that does not do that (i.e. if you let the forward stick go, it keeps flying at exactly the same angle of attack). I was wondering WHICH one of these two is this heli — before i go an buy it from you guys! Thanks for these? videos.

  • moto4life97:

    Must I be in 3d mode to do loops?
    Is there any special setting i need to use when doing 3d? or just flip the switch? Thanks!

  • heliopilot1:

    Please turn off the stupid music, I rather hear what you have to say? and not hear that stupid bass beat in the background it is distrubing and over powering you words, thanks.

  • John Sousa:

    As I was trying to say, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS WALKERA GARBAGE HELI! I own the walkera 450 and it is a great heli. Devo 7 sucks!?

  • John Sousa:

    I purchased one, it came with the Devo 7 transmitter, after 2 flights the cheap servos? stripped out! I also noticed that the transmitter dropped the gyro adjust function some how, it was completely erased! I contacted xheli and they allowed me to send it back at my cost of course, they replaced the servo but did not fix the gyro issue with the transmitter, and I notticed that now a different servo was stripped! Maybe they just did not fix it at all and just moved position of the stripped servo!

  • xhelicopter:

    This is a 6ch helicopter, as for the range? you can safely fly it was far as your eyes can see.

  • mapoff:

    Hi I know you get alot of comments. I was wondering what is the range on this heli? I’d like to get one that has a great range but is also? at least a 4 channel.

  • Raymond Larkin:

    That is soo cool like you you are a brill flyer? with it might get 1 how much????

  • sachirasandeepa:

    i have 157 rc helicopters? but i didnt have this

  • sachirasandeepa:

    how much? is this helicopter?

  • bluehazer:

    Go to the V450. It is already? brushless and has the metal gear servos.

  • PhillyDrumerBoy:

    can u make a vid on how to flip? 3d heli?

  • xhelicopter:

    What parts do you need? We do carry? replacement parts for the V400D02.

  • Toners777:

    I bought this heli 1 month ago, with the Devo 7 transmitter.
    I flew it for a few seconds, it took a hard left, and broke every mount.
    Finding a company that had those parts in? stock was difficult.
    Anyway, I am slowly getting the original back together, and ordered
    the BNF version. It will be here Wednesday.

  • Wolf Standish:

    Dude my new V400D02 came with stripped servos and a radio that was not set up at all..I can tell it was never test flown and now I am fighting with the company I got it thru (not these guys) to replace the dam thing or atleast the servo’s..oh and the main motor was lose and it stripped the main never got off the? ground even. I was very dissapointed. Hope it was a fluke because I love Walkera heli’s.

  • kachur777:

    i can see? the tail mtr bogging out

  • raggi500:

    i will bu it but? i am broke:((((

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