Mini RC Electric Helicopter Stunt Abuse

XK Falcon K100 is a superb Mini electric 3D RC Helicopter that offers super stable flights using its 6G gyro system to beginners and at the same time a powerful hardcore 3D capabilities in the hands of expert 3D Pilots. Having a small powerful Motor, this helicopter packs a powerful punch and uses a small 3.7v 300mah Lipo battery to give you a good 5 to 7 minutes of fun flights or at least 5 minutes of agile aerobatics flight.

XK Falcon K100 is very light weight and crash resistant. Most of the time if you are flying over grass, depending upon how you crash it, it’s not going to break. Even on concrete, I had many crashes and never broke a single part. This is a great choice for you, if you want to get into 3D RC helicopters, I highly recommend you to buy these type of mini RC 3D helicopters. They will save you a lot of cost and you can learn to fly RC Collective pitch Helicopters, and also learn to fly 3D aerobatics or polish your moves before moving on to bigger and more expensive helicopters.

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