Mikado Vbar Control Radio Overview and Setup Wizard

Mikado Vbar Control Radio Overview and Setup Wizard

Here is my personal overview and opinion about the Mikado Vbar Control Radio.

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19 Responses to “Mikado Vbar Control Radio Overview and Setup Wizard”

  • lee rossi:

    How do you setup bank 1 and bank 2 on a v-bar touch

  • lee rossi:

    !`m having trouble with the throttle I have no control of this. The stick will not spool up. The only way it works is when you go to run and it spools up to full throttle and the stick has know control at all can you help with this.

  • Joseph Rueck:

    would you recomend using hitek servos in a trex? mine has hk servos i already burnt the tr servo i didnt realize the tail pitch slider was binding which leads to another question how do i reset the frequency for tail rotor servo thanks

  • Joseph Rueck:

    ok so the esc is green no name and i need to lower the head speed the previous ownerr had it set way to high for my styl of flying thanks for the info i tried startng it on a 6s and it increased rpm as i flipped through bank 1 2and 3 . i just dont need to try and hover 1st flight at super high head speed and throw away an align 700e . my 1st heli was a 130x my first flight lasted 2 seconds dont need a repeat with a 700 dollar heli ny recomendations for cyclic servos i want to ditch the hk stuff

  • Joseph Rueck:

    i am trying to set up a used 700e with vbar all i get is a white line through head speed gov gain and gov the motor spools up in run without throtle control and i cant adjust heaad speed

  • lee rossi:

    my new Mikado v bar touch radio came in last week. I'm having trouble setting it up. The talk is not working and don`t know how to set the models in the radio. My Mikado v bar v link express mik4949 is on back order. Don't know when it will be in..

  • lee rossi:

    I brought a used goblin 500 and the seller removed the V.bar neo 6.1. I`m new at this hobby and could use a little help. I was looking on line and their is two units that they show. Your video is showing one unit. I have a Mikado vbar control radio 5.8 multi touch screen with wifi

  • Chris Olk:

    Who gives a shit about your opinion? You hype the hell out of all your videos and again I’ll ask? Why do you assume people want to hear your opinion about anything you have to say? You certainly aren’t turning heads with your flying ability. Who cares what you have say? Another hanger on….

  • Blue??:

    ccan i ask
    why is it so expensive ?

  • ahwayzcool:

    im gonna buy one of these

  • Kimchi Koalaa:

    I am so pissed at buying a separate RX and finding place to stuff the. RX on the model… so I bought a Control XD

  • DukesyTV:

    Cool radio but cant afford to change all my models. What size logo is that please?

  • Chris Wilson:

    Thanks for this awesome video. I just got a Vcontrol yesterday. I have been using JR and Futaba radios for over 30+ years but after I went thru the registration process I found myself a bit intimidated by the perceived complexity and power of this radio. After watching your great explanation of the bind and setup wizard I feel so much more at ease about it!
    This video makes it easy for an old dog like me to learn new tricks!
    Chris W


    Wow thanks Chris… So easy I can even do it…

  • felixthemaster1:

    I didn't know the V control could be nice to look at. Nice work with the vinyls/stickers

  • Luis Lopez:

    Thanks again.. ill be ordering this FBL express. ist his the right one for a goblin 630.. ? also buddy noahter question.. the rescue switch. is it automatily porgramed on the radio? i saw in the video you clicked rescue. i wonder if i need to set it level as ikon or anything like that? thanks again bro.

  • Luis Lopez:

    Hello. nice video.. quick question..1… can i use same setup with a blue silver line? 2.. at what point did you set the thrott hold? and select the band 1.. band2 ..3.. thanks bud..

  • Carlton G:


  • Carlton G:

    Hi did u by that 1300 pulse like that or no

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