LIEBAO Giant AirWolf 4ch RC Helicopter Out of Box

Here is the Out of Box review of this Giant AirWolf Li-Po Powered 4ch RC Helicopter from Bournemouth R/C and Supplied by Nitrotek. It’s looking simply awesom…
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  • TheBeatSmith:

    Is this the largest 4 channel heli avaliable??

  • windel1827:

    That thing is nice. I haded? one and it broke yesterday but it was kind of different and it was bigger


    Hmm never had those issues. Flew this one outside for good 15 mins without? any issues. it was very stable with no problems and appeared to be a great heli for it’s price. Perhaps you got a dodgy battery mate

  • Juraj Hutyra:

    part 3.) Conclusion ? I have flown mine three times before the heli had blade clash 3 metres above the floor and crashed, resulting main blade grip set broken, inner shaft bent , aluminium motor base plate bent and one of the head’s controller’s arm snapped. I am going to contact Nitrotek to see if? they can help..

  • Juraj Hutyra:

    part 2.) Bad points -Not even fast left hand turns will give you blade clash. Okay, it is known unwanted effect of all co-axial helicopters but mine suffer too much. ( I am not a beginner..). ? Also mine goes backwards very aggressively -when I pull the stick backward , but when I push the stick forward the heli is hardly moving, but this can be easily fixed by moving head’s controller arm into different servo position . .

  • Juraj Hutyra: one for Christmas as a present , not happy with it at all. The Battery on mine last about 30 second , then heli goes slowly down . Then if I wait for about one minute, the heli can fly again but is able to be air born only for about 25 seconds . This can be repeated? couple more times before the heli won’t even lift up. Good points are that the heli is surprisingly stable , and the gyro works very well .


    no worries?

  • MrDubstepJackson:

    Cheers? for the reply chap


    It’s a great Heli for its price mate. BmouthRC don’t sell it yet :) we are still working on reviews for stocking the shelves. ?

  • MrDubstepJackson:

    whats your final say? on this chopper then lad any good ? And do bournemouth R/C still stock it if so whats there web address m8 cheers Jacko

  • kbgf0000:

    yes they do. I got mine in about a? week delivery time. I live in Connecticut


    If I’ve time to do such video. But I’m so busy? with RC stuff lately :) I’ll see

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