Learn to fly an RC Helicopter with Heli 101 and First Step RC – Review and Introduction

Learn to fly an RC Helicopter with Heli 101 and First Step RC - Review and Introduction

What is First Step RC and how does Heli 101 help you learn how to fly a helicopter? That’s what this video is for!
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Unboxing/Setup : https://youtu.be/ovt2zgG3GuM
Beginner Flight : https://youtu.be/u1Ffa6OX-Ps

0:00 First Step RC Introduction
2:43 Heli 101
6:54 Test flight with Shaun
12:22 Kit breakdown

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9 Responses to “Learn to fly an RC Helicopter with Heli 101 and First Step RC – Review and Introduction”

  • Shaun Driver:

    Good stuff! I’m the rookie in the video flying. Lol TJ— by the time the weather gets better and we get together again, my piloting skills will be much improved! Great video and keep up the content!!

  • buster brown:

    You should do one of these with a 3-axis gyro and spring-less gimbles………Heli 101p(performance)…I'd buy more than one :)

  • bitogre:

    I have been in the hobby for a long time but interested in getting into Helis. I mainly want to fly a RC Heli with a Airwolf body in a scale manner. I can fly race quads LOS (never had luck flying FPV) but cannot do acrobatics. I mostly fly planes and gliders (specifically DLGs). Should I get this or the OMP M1/M2 to learn to fly Helis?

  • Petrincic Bros RC:

    Great video my friend. And can you imagine that we just came from runway doing maiden flight with Firefox. So much fun. Happy new year and big salute from Slovenia, Pilot Robert

  • Graham Jones:

    I can'r find spare batteries on your site.

  • BAZ:

    awesome products and videos

  • juan gabriel fernandez:


  • Litter Bug:

    Great idea for winter indoor flys!

  • Cloudy Flyer:

    Always awesome products and videos from you guys. An awesome introduction to keep #rchelisalive.

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