Large scale RC Helicopters, Turbine Helicopter and RC Airplanes

Large scale RC Helicopters, Turbine Helicopter and RC Airplanes flying at Camarillo Condors RC Airfield. Watch it in HD if you have the bandwidth, looks much better.


8 Responses to “Large scale RC Helicopters, Turbine Helicopter and RC Airplanes”

  • Av8Chuck:

    @gubber123456 The Hughes 500 isn’t mine, still a sad day. It will be in the next video and I’m thinking about doing a memorial at the end “Rest In Pieces.”

  • gubber123456:

    @Av8Chuck sorry to hear that mate..must be like losing the family pet.very sickening

  • D148521:

    Great video!

    Donnie D

  • bladerunner469:

    Simply Beautiful love your choice in music too

  • Av8Chuck:

    @gubber123456 Unfortunately the Red Hughes 500 crashed and was totaled last Saturday :(

  • gubber123456:

    awsome lads…gotta admire the way that u aint scared to throw them about a little…most guys i know dont do that and fly very cautiously with there scale stuff…top marks……..amazing heli at the end

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