Kasama Srimok 90 electric RC helicopter (capable of 200kph apparently)

Kasama Srimok 90 electric RC helicopter (capable of 200kph apparently)

This is Wayne’s Kasama Srimok electric RC heli. It runs on 12-cell Turnigy Nanotech lipos (2 6-cell packs) and has over 5KW peak output power.

He’s just babying it in this video as it’s only his third flight — and the batteries last longer if you don’t thrash them from new.

Apparently this RC heli is capable of speeds around 200Kph, although it wasn’t going that fast on this day. Stay tuned though, Wayne’s a regular at the field and I’m picking it won’t be long before he wrings it out to see just how fast it really will go.

Model: Agusta A-109
Rotor diameter: app. 1,60m
Take-off weight: app. 6Kg
Engine: Electric
Pilot: ???
Event: Huey and Friends Meeting in Arheilgen Germany August 2018

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25 Responses to “Kasama Srimok 90 electric RC helicopter (capable of 200kph apparently)”

  • Steve Kennett:

    A beauty…

  • bushpilot:

    Just like the guy said a soft start elimanates the problem, just program the ESC properly. It is not that complicated of a problem.

  • Daniel Berry:

    Nice machine, and nice flying.

  • ???? ???????:

    Turnigy Nano tech battery?

  • xuzme720:

    OK. I wasn't arguing with you. I don't know why you thought I was. I understood perfectly what you were saying. Have a nice day.

  • scottfree6:

    Why do you think the blades straightened out when the rotor head speed increased…as a matter of fact the only reason you would want your blades tighter than normal is if you are doing blade stop autos and you don't want your blades to fold on you on the restart while your "stirring" the collective to get the blades spinning again. If the baldes were not so tight they would have trimmed out at a lower rpm because it would require less centrifugal force to do so…UNDERSTAND??

  • scottfree6:

    ok i'm gonna try and explain something to you, the reason the blades are kicking back like that and staying that way is BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO TIGHT..if they were looser they would trim out and stay straight, listen i know this for a fact because i made this mistake when i was a newbie so don't make yourself appear stjpid by arguing with me on this one…I AM 100% POSITIVE AND I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT…ASK YOUR FRIENDS WHY THAT HAPPENED TO THIS GUY..I GUARANTY THEY WILL TELL YOU THE SAME!

  • xuzme720:

    I think you don't know what I'm talking about or simply misunderstood me. Inertia has plenty to do with it when the rotor first starts to spool up and the blades' inertia is trying to swivel the blade backwards in the grip. Don't assume everyone on the Tube is a troll or stupid. I fly a 450 but I fly with guys that have 700's and their grips are MUCH tighter than mine. Maybe not quite this tight, but close.

  • scottfree6:

    you don't know what your talking about those blades are way too tight, and inertia has absolutely nothing to do with the blades straightening out…it's centrifugal force

  • brandex62:

    the rotor blades are supposed to just start to drop with a very light touch with your finger while the helicopter is being held to one side .. those rotor blades on that helicopter are way over tight ….. i know been in to r/c helicopters for 25 years ..

  • xuzme720:

    They are tight if it was a 450 size but not for this size bird. Larger heli's need the grips tighter since there is so much more inertia in the larger blades.

  • jpooch00:

    It's just SO nice to see a heli vid that's not just a bunch of the same old stick bangin' crap!! Thanks, well done!

  • Hells Gate:

    Cant say i have, i now just stick to HK rubbish, they seem to work. And are relatively cheap. I dont have enough money to try everything unfortunately :)

  • Hells Gate:

    Yes that is true. The ladybird is their best achievement, Ive had other small walkera heli's and those arent good

  • rcrotorfreak:

    Have you tried the latest Walkera? Can't compare Walkera old model to latest high tech models. Including that nice radio with touch screen.

  • stevewashere100:

    That is one awesome looking Heli

  • Hells Gate:

    Walkera is crap, had them and they=cow faecies

  • Matthew:

    Those rotor blades look a little too tight in the grips

  • Guilherme Oliveira:

    O rotor está girando para o lado errado, o Agusta AW109 gira para o outro lado, e o rotor de cauda fica do outro lado.

  • Frank Zeyer:

    Pozzchang 087317083: You can buy this A109 and other 700' Fuselage kits from me, MARVEL CRAFT,
    ask for Frank [+49](0)80424110 or [email protected]marvel-craft.com
    Cheers, Franky

  • Raaja Ponnuswamy:

    How much it cost brother ??

  • Ajmal Khan:

    how much

  • MrMHelis:

    Sehr schön geflogen. Und vor allem nicht nur Achten sondern schön flüssige Kreise und Kurven. Sauber durch letztere geführt mit Roll und Nick und ganz wenig Gier.
    Wirklich angenehm anzuschauen.
    Und das Modell sieht ebenfalls sehr gut aus.
    Daumen hoch!

  • utkarsh verma:


  • Robert Thorpe:

    Thundertiger body?

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