Indoor Hover Exceed RC G2 RC Helicopter

This is my Exceed RC G2 with premium package and carbon blade upgrades, drifting and hovering around indoors.


6 Responses to “Indoor Hover Exceed RC G2 RC Helicopter”

  • dieharddirtbikerida:

    nice video

  • Loc Luu:

    Nice fly. Does it fly out of the box Or Do you you have to make any
    adjustment for it ? I think to get one. Please give me advice.

  • RCEnthusiast5:

    This was the stock battery. I upgraded it not longer after this, but if I
    remember correctly, the stock battery took about an hour to charge.

  • bastion87:

    i have the same one, didnt check screw and blade hit the tail and tail
    bended, but i fixed it already, and still im afraid to make it goes up 😐
    lol, but ill practice and practice:D:D

  • RCEnthusiast5:

    Thanks! This is a pretty good helicopter for the most part – especially for
    the money relative to some of the more expensive brands out there. However,
    this is the “premium” edition with the upgraded aluminum rotor head and
    tail rotor assembly. Perhaps mine was just a fluke, but the screws that
    hold the bellcrank parts to the main shaft sleeve were actually too short
    and came flying out during my first test hover. After changing those for
    longer screws, I haven’t had any problems. Good luck!

  • 161460joseluis:

    hey can you make a vid or a message about how to set it up i have the same
    one but 2.4ghz and i am a beginner and i am rely having a tug time trying
    to lift it up from the ground so please take some time to message me or
    make a vid please :(

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