I Want to fly R/C Helicopters (Part 1 – The Transmitter)

I Want to fly R/C Helicopters (Part 1 – The Transmitter) This gives users an idea what a 4ch – 7ch transmitter is used for with R/C helicopters.
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  • 504GENUWINE:

    I have dynam e razor 450, And I have the mode 1 transmitter. im having trouble adjusting my? trims on my transmitter so that my helicopter could run correctly, so is there anyway you can help me?

  • TeQuiiLaSHoTZz:

    OMG! Its Bernie Mac!?

  • John Dho:

    I agree with kiwibob72! There must be many users out there who have outgrown their simple 4-channel helis but are quite? intimidated by the (apparently) much more complex 6 and 8 channel transmitters. Sometrhing as simple as the default settings for the F MODE, HOLD / RUDD D/R / MIX, AUX2/GYRO, etc. (on my new WK2801) are nowhere to be found in the manual nor have I yet found a good explanation on-line….but I’m still looking! And….I look forward to your “intermediate” lessons

  • kiwibob72:

    Cool video, for people new to 6CH+? RC helicopters, finding out about gyro gain, dual rate and expo and the effect they have on your machine would be a good place to start, as setting pitch and throttle curves is great, but these DR, gain and expo ‘arts’ are what I had the most difficultly setting when I went from a RTF 450 to a .50 nitro ARF kit, and can cause the pilot a lot of stress!!!!!

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