Hughes MD500E 450 Scale fuselage w/ EXI 450 (T-Rex 450 clone) radio controlled helicopter.

RC Aerodyne Hughes MD500E 450 size fuselage with EXI 450 mechanics from Xheli. EXI 450 clone to Align T-Rex 450; MD500E scale fuselage is blue, silver and white with LED lighting system. Mechanics include EXI 450 version 2 helicopter kit , Alpha 400 (3500KV) brushless motor, 11T pinion; 2200 mah 11.1 volt battery, Esky digital servos #0508, Volcano series 30amp ESC speed control with BEC, Detrum GY48V HH Headklock Professional RC Helicopter Gyro, Exceed RC 2.4ghz remote with receiver combo. 9 minute hover time is average. Credits to… KF-H500EPB4; MD500E Fiberglass Scale Body Blue Police Version. HA450HUV2004; HeliArtist 500D V2 N23CP Fiber Glass Fuselage. HA450HUV2006; KZ0820105A; KZ0820107A; KX015075; KX015074; FUF-4001HE Fusuno 450 MD500E Scale Body; Hughes MD500 Fiberglass Fuselage for 450 size heli; HK-0001B11; FUF-4001HE (t rex 250, t rex 450, t rex 500, t rex 600, t rex 700) (t-rex 250, t-rex 450, t-rex 500, t-rex 600, t-rex 700)
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17 Responses to “Hughes MD500E 450 Scale fuselage w/ EXI 450 (T-Rex 450 clone) radio controlled helicopter.”


    cool? :)

  • Vic Vigilancia:

    Nice? heli but you have to see this new scale..I just ordered one before it run out.
    Aerodyne have a new MD500

  • Scott Allen:

    Whoa i didnt notice how killer the paint on? it looked till that great shot at the end
    that is mint.please let me know about the lights

  • Scott Allen:

    can you tell me all the? lights on it and where you got them ?

  • leostyle7771:

    im trying to find one for my Axe 400 do u know where i can find it at.??

  • Joseph Kieft:

    5000mah battery: I would say about one and half to two minutes? longer. You may not notice much more of a run time with the heavier battery. The recommended 2200 mah battery is the way to go. If you use the 5000 mah with the fuselage, your power to weight ratio will be way off. For better flight handling, move components closer to the nose. My success for a long run time is perfect blade weight balance, level swash plate alignment and my Spektrum for fine tuning motor and blade angle,etc.

  • thesalty sack:

    very nice paint how much run time do you think i can get with a 11.1 5000mah ?

  • vanbommel1990:

    very? nice, where did u but the fuselage? pls send me a pn!

  • Kevin Adler:

    I agree, it really does depend on the power setup. If you are underpowered obviously the motor has to work harder to hover and uses more juice. It’s always better to be a little over powered. I have a 500 size motor in my EXI 450 and 2200mAh 4s in mine and I get about a 9 minute fight too. On top of that hovering uses more power than forward flight. You are constantly? adjusting the throttle and on FFF you aren’t so much.

  • 26nosscire:

    This is fantastic i love your machine absolute cracker and what a fantastic spot to fly in great backdrop you must? be really proud of it and rightly so i would love one of theses !!

  • 1May1984:

    I have a turnigy 3700 kv motor, lightmax 2200 25c lipo, HK ss 40-50a esc, turnigy 3a UBEC, 11 tooth pinion.

    at mid stick (0 degrees pitch) the blades are at roughly 2500rpm. have not checked rpm at? any higher level just yet.

    I am flying with -2/+9 collective pitch.

  • Joseph Kieft:

    Send me the specs of your heli… like the motor KV, battery info, and ESC. Blade RPM makes a huge difference during hover. So standard hover pitch,? with out a fuselage, would be 5 degrees or so using a 13T pinion. I used an 11T pinion and adjusted the pitch to 6.5 degrees to hold the hover. This can even go as high as 7 degrees.

  • 1May1984:

    How do you average 9 mins WITH a fuselage ? I dont even get? that with out a fuselage ! an im using a 2200 mah…

  • Joseph Kieft:

    scaleflying? com

  • Joseph Kieft:

    Fuselage? is from Scaleflying

  • darksatelite01:

    good? video

  • Joseph Kieft:



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