HOW TO: R/C Heli Flying Tutorial #1 Basic Hovering

What’s up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! I thought I would try out this new video series R/C Heli Flying tutorials to try to help new Pilots on basics of flight. Thumbs up if you like and I will be sure to make more if the response is good. As always Thanks for watching! If you like our videos please support us by subscribing. Be sure to check out our website for behind the scene photos videos and more!

My set-up:

Compass Models 6HV
Hobbywing 70 amp HV controller
MKS BLS 950 HV’s on Cyclic
MKS BLS HV on the tail
Scorpian 4535-560kv motor
Spectrum AR7200BX
Hurculees 80amp Super BEC
Stock Blades
Chrome Packs 3300map 45C 6SX2 12S
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12 Responses to “HOW TO: R/C Heli Flying Tutorial #1 Basic Hovering”

  • andre lamy:

    what brand is it???????

  • radiasphere:

    well done, easy to understand and clear?

  • RubenG24:

    Dude, nice! Do some more!?

  • Jim Hill:

    great video dude….?

  • jbrunson1949:

    How do you do that, when you have300+ dollars invested, PANIC is the only thing to do when heli does the unexpected, or is for me, it cost more money to repair heli and that just made that 300+ jump to 400+ quickly, So HOW do you NOT PANIC ???

  • all-thumbs55:

    Thank you! Us beginners appreciate these videos?

  • sam3d:

    is the real flight simulator helpful??

  • Sean Montgomery:


  • Sean Montgomery:

    That's my question is left n right side view hard or do u just have to know the stick direction when u get to that pinot??

  • Zachary Wieczorek:

    I like nose in hovering I think is is one of the easy ones the hard ones r the right and left side facing u?

  • 669Banshee:

    it looks like  you ran out of  battery power on that landing lol  from the looks of it it was a close  landing just made it I would say    This is  a good  video  for the  new  flyers like my self  it  is not easy fyling a 6 ch heli at  first  I"m coming from  a  3 ch heli that was a peace of  cake lol  but  its  been a week and  half been flying the 6 ch heli its a Blade  mcpx   and getting  better im  having trouble with  Yaw left and right lol  every time I do it goes  higher  lol  just need  practice on that its my week spot…  happy flying  Man?

  • Keef Blendo:

    Thanks pal, nice routine to practice on my Phoenix rc 🙂

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