how to make Rc aeroplane from rc heli parts

so watch it and have a fun with your broken heli parts


14 Responses to “how to make Rc aeroplane from rc heli parts”

  • Rahul Tej:

    learn english properly

  • ishaq shaikh:

    not seeing anything the camera is moving

  • Sammuel Jackson:

    Improve his english? WTF? He knows 2 languages. How many do you know you? His English is perfectly fine for not being born in an English country.

  • Luke Gibson:

    you should use the engines in the helicopter for differential thrust instead of wasting the servo. or at least take the motor out of the helicopter

  • Akarshan Mishra:

    but first improve your english

  • Sarthak Rana:

    Koi nahi Bhaiya par aapne koshish to koi INDIAN hona acchi baat haii

  • Faisal Inam Khan:

    I tired and it works very well. But I helicopters have small flying range than an airplane.
    Any idea how can I increase range unto 100meters ? 

  • Guillermo Sempron:

    I cant see anything flying in this video. USEFUL.

  • Milan Sanda Sri:


  • rohith dragstar:

    hey that was good making use of the helicopter >> but try build it with cardboard and for cg try to mount the motor n propeller in middle of the aircaft its becoz wen u give ur throttle it would lift up being tail heavy its like give full pressure behind d craft and although it might b a 3 channel ir copter u cant fly a long distance so to control try to make a 30 degree yaw so it keeps turnin in sky do more tests all the best bro and ya like every1 mentiond below abou ur engish it was jus fyn

  • abhijeet pandey:

    nice bro

  • kotoran1:

    Your English is just fine.I love the video. Thankyou for the info.I have old heli parts.Im going to build me an airplane.

  • Happy Meel:

    gud bro

  • G.S.Raahul Preeyatharshann:

    Thanks d ……..

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