HOW TO: Helicopter Physics Series – #3 Upside Down Flying With High Speed Video – Smarter Every Day 47

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The wizard pilot is Carl Groover
Carl Flies for the Curtis Youngblood team
Carl’s Youtube channel is here:

Sarah Xu created the awesome time-lapse intro.
Get Smarter Section

Want to learn more and get lost on Wikipedia?
The Rolling Shutter Effect
Similitude (How Engineers determine the dimensions of wind tunnel models)
For you hardcore RC enthusiasts who want to stick to the RC term for CCPM (3 servo swashplate control)
Just for fun: Where I get T-Shirts when I go to Destin

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10 Responses to “HOW TO: Helicopter Physics Series – #3 Upside Down Flying With High Speed Video – Smarter Every Day 47”

  • Matthew Godwin:

    I love destin?

  • McMexicans:

    meat servo lol?

  • Pierce Llyze:

    Sure you can fly a helicopter upside-down, but for any reason, would it be beneficial to do so??

  • hermest99:

    That's amazing, seeing the swashplate do it's thing!?

  • Morten Andersen:

    Nice place.
    Living in the country rocks. Even the horses seem calm with bits of spinning metal at decapitation velocity flying around them.
    I am cuurrently running buckshot at my neighbors attempt to emulate your videos, but today I am going with a 4x telescopic sight mounted on a .223 with a hollow point. Could you please do a show on ballistics and how it actually led to our modern-day understanding of physics? As well as giving me some usefull pointers as to how to shoot these annoying whiney contraptions offa my property??

  • twistedyogert:

    I want to make a small UAV. What do I use for power? Brushless DC motor??

  • Guilherme Mauricio:

    I can't for god's sake notice the gyroscopic precession (explained in #4) by looking at this video. As a matter of fact, it looks like it's not off phase by 90º – it looks like it's increasing lift on the back to move forward, increasing lift on the left to roll to the right and so on. WTH?!?

  • GoGreenMan:

    The last video in this Playlist was crazy! I don't think I've ever REwatched a clip so many times. Crazy you can even see the pilot almost come out of the cockpit, even his mic and muffs were dangling. Thank God he survived. Thanks for more awesome videos Destin!?

  • Phong Vo:

    So, what he just said is that real helicopters can do this…..why do I imagine drone helicopters being scary as balls now.?

  • Paul Manly:


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