How RC Helis fly upside down?

Come see the full article about how RC Helicopters can fly upside down at
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19 Responses to “How RC Helis fly upside down?”

  • harnoor gill:

    nice video man i have a whole fleet of helicopters? my self

  • Craig Hancock:

    dude , Excellent explanation. you should be? a teacher

  • Lawrence Co:

    I would get a v911 fixed for beginner?

  • Lawrence Co:

    Alex it either fixed pitch or? full collective

  • Austin Ruffner:

    hey aaron uh im trying to build a scale helicopter for my senior project but need more information on? what i need and how to do it could you please txt me on my ipod 707-335-7465 id very appreciate it thanks

  • Glassblower718:

    Good? job !!!

  • aaronredbaron:

    you’ve almost got it, when you put it in 3D mode/Idle up the throttle uses a separate throttle curve that keeps the RPM up at all times. For some electrics or if you use a governor this may mean all values? for throttle in idle up are the same high number. If have have a conventional idle up curve it will be a little less at the center, but you never go to zero throttle in idle up.

  • wimbledon1967:

    Never heard of him!!

    Paddles? are for canoes – Not heli’s

    Flybarless rules!!

  • Daniel Lamkin:

    thanks, sick helicopter

  • funnycrap1997:

    can a 4ch heli fly inverted??? Like the esky? honey bee?

  • AlbinoChingChing:

    by the way what website or store? did you get your raptor from

  • AlbinoChingChing:

    wow thank you so much youve bin a tremendous? help you really are

  • AlbinoChingChing:

    lol dunce?

  • nath9n13:


  • KTMBOY1112:

    Yeah I lost you? at 25 seconds

  • aaronredbaron:

    miss ya too G money! Begone 770! I never did like? those things anyway, they work fine when they work fine, but if you need ti fine tune them, FORGET IT!

  • garycums:

    Ole Aaron is a BIG name in the hobby game. A high end radio like the 14MZ is only fitting for a guy like him. Dude fly to TX and set up my gasser please.


    I’m tossin that damn 770 and putting a 611 in there I am tired of the freaking tail kick. Just got a new pipe for her and? she will be ready to rock this weekend. Thanks to your vid maybe she will see some inverted work.


  • aaronredbaron:

    Yeah I probably wouldn’t have bought it new,? but I had an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Futaba’s 10c and 12FGH do most of the same stuff w/o the color touch screen and big money

  • videoguy837:

    For over $2000, that better be an awesome transmitter. It costs more than a very good laptop. Does that transmitter play DVDs and browse? the internet with that large color LCD display? 😉

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