Horizonhobby.com How To – Setup your Head Lock Gyro the easy way

You will be able to find more information or purchase this gyro at this link: http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=JRPG2703D Headlock Gyr…


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  • MultiLEGODOG:

    thanks loads! you setup procedure and my gyro works perfect! thanks a million…

    and my blade 500 3d was set up wrong ! tail always drifted…
    after your setup it holds perfect no drifting and only 1 click of trim, the servo is 90 deg but the rear slider wasn’t and their was my problem, centered that by moving the servo mount? and bam fixed!!!
    thanks again saved me from buying a gyro!

  • Robbie C:

    Great video, Although, I? would like to add one thing.. ALWAYS DISCONNECT the motor before working on the helicopter! all it takes is for you to bump that throttle and all havoc breaks loose

  • 22NiggaPlease:

    Or its probably the swash plate ?

  • Marc Webbers:

    Nice video, I do miss an explanation on? how to verify the right gyro compensation direction (so not the rudder direction, but this might just as well be added :)). As you change the gyro this might need to be set differently as well.

  • koo2299:

    Damn this? is good. I’ve owned a 450 heli for 2 years now and didn’t know what to do with it because of problems like this. And no, I’m not a beginner anymore. FPV, quads, helis, planes, I fly them all :p

  • mounlasy:

    Not yet but I will now thanks.?

  • Horizon Hobby:

    Have you contacted Product Support? for assistance? They should be able to get you taken care of if you give them a call at 888-959-2304

  • mounlasy:

    I’m having alot of trouble tuning my Blade Sr. I cant seem to? get it to hover right.

  • Andy205ro:

    Can someone explain? me please. If you buy one brand transmitter remote then the receiver , servo ,etc have to be same brand as well ?

  • Horizon Hobby:

    Since we do not carry that heli it is not? something we are familiar with, sorry.

  • alfredo jr. dabalos:

    hi guys can some help? me in installing my gy192 gyro to my esky cp3,thanks


    Easiest setup I’v ever tried! GREAT VIDEO..?

  • Larry Gray:

    Do you set the gyro? up in heading lock or rate mode?

  • brandon jacob:

    wutz wrong with mines the blades spin but it wont lift up itz a 3d helicopter?

  • gmodesike:

    kinda looked like szabo jr.? flying there lol

  • Dominik Proky:

    Realy great and usefull? video, thanks!!!

  • spiro9210:

    In continuation. First, set the limit from the? gyro. Second, push and pull your heli by dragging the head steadily in opposite directions. Three, as you drag and pull your heli, check for binding on the tail rotor. Four, adjust gyro limit accordingly until binding is gone in either direction. Five, grab your TX and move your rudder stick to opposite ends. Six, If the tail rotor binds, adjust your rudder end points until the tail rotor binding is gone.

  • spiro9210:

    I know this is late, but I shall explain. adjusting the end points in the TX is for limiting your inputs only i.e to prevent you from binding the tail rotor while pushing the stick left and right. However, the tail servo also receives separate commands from the gyro, and you cannot limit the gyro from the TX…hence you need to limit the gyro from the…thats right…the gyro limit function to prevent the gyro from binding the tail? rotor.

  • spiro9210:

    This video is missing critical important details. ALL NEWBIES, you better make sure that you choose the right tail servo horn as well as the proper positioning of the ball link. If you fail to do this, your tail rotor will bind on both sides and you will not? be able to compensate for it with the gyro travel limit function. In short, try to match the same distance of travel from your tail servo with the amount of travel of your tail rotor as much as possible before attempting to limit with gyro

  • imawicked:

    hi guys I got one problem and I cant sort it out. my Gyro is just working find but when I push the throttle up quick then what happen is the head wil turn or spin to one side at the same time with pressing rotaltion. ? I dont know why. Could you please help me out. but when i push the throttle up slowly i wont do that.
    Anyone can help me please. Thanksss

  • Justin Anger:

    is it a BAD thing to have your tail and main rotor? spinning clockwise? i think it is and that might me the root of my problems.

  • Justin Anger:

    hey jim i bought a spektrum h5000 500 sized heli cyclic servo for the tail of my trex 450 pro. the heli piros counter clockwise but almost doesnt piro clockwise and when i spool up the tail will torque on ups and downs. is it the gyro or the servo or is? it me?

  • kelsehoffman:

    nice? carbon fibeer pushrod

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