HoneyBee King 2 – Learning to fly 3

Below is the 3rd video of me understanding to fly my HoneyBee King 2, and I can now say and hope you agree, that I am acquiring quite very good at hovering it and maintaining it stable and also controlling course :)

2011-09-02: I was battling with traveling nose-in. Each time I attempted, my mind would freak out and I experienced to abort and rotate the tail back to tail-in. Following studying a suggestion from an individual on an RC forum, I tried out their trick on the simulator and it labored. Immediately after 1 hour on RealFlight, I considered I might try out with my TREX 500. This video exhibits my very first try. I was in a position to fly nose-in, what a excellent experience. This is not an instructional online video, but it does demonstrate you how I did. I held the heli up substantial in the air in situation things went improper. The trick is when you are nose-in, you have to “flip the circuitry in your brain” to see the blades as a plate that you have to retain stage. If the “plate” guidelines to the remaining, then you require to “drive-up” the left aspect of the plate by supplying some remaining collective. Identical goes for correct, entrance and again. Just don’t forget to flip your mind back again to typical once you might be no longer nose-in. Excellent luck, Gary
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  • Gunner7121:

    this might be too late, but dot by from xheli, they usually end up messing peoples orders up and then? they literally will refuse to fix it. they go as far as ignoring certain phone numbers in some cases.

  • keukpa:

    I’ve had a look around, it appears that the King 2 is no longer in production, it has been? replaced by the King 3, which sells for £130, or $222.

  • soccaman04:

    i’ve checked ebay, and found a couple, but i’ve? also found the honey bee on xheli and most hobby shops in so cal, and they have them for a lower price, but thier sold out…so im in a bit of a situation haha i want the heli, but im not willing to pay $269 on ebay over $109 on xheli…

  • keukpa:

    This is the Honey Bee King 2. I’ve had? it for about 3 years now. But try eBay, failing that heliguy.com might have some…

  • soccaman04:

    where the hell did you find the honey bee?? ive looked everywhere and they’re all? sold out

  • yittymitty11:

    did you find stock battery to be to light and cause the heli to be tain heavy?? i put a 2200mah battery in it and it is? perfectly balenced

  • MythBuster998:

    well it didn’t get damaged? by water

  • icey221:

    but? usual batteries swell when they get damaged by water

  • MythBuster998:

    ? no

  • icey221:

    water? damaged batt

  • keukpa:

    heh, yeah, the tail servo’s position is very sensitive. Also if the heli is spinning the opposite direction from the blades, then it could be? that the belt is loose, try releasing the tail grip screws and pulling out the tail boom slightly to put tension on the belt, and tightening up again and trying that. Good luck!

  • MythBuster998:

    Hey cool video.I have a problem.I can only fly? my honey bee king 10 then when I check the battery it is swolen.Any help to prevent it???

  • PepsiRemix5:

    my HBK2 spins. I take it? I should have left the tail servo alone?

  • keukpa:

    Hey, thanks for the comment :o)

    I’ve been looking at the HBK3, they look really nice. There are two tools I recomend you get and use before starting to fly….a? pitch guage, and a swashplate levelling tool, they are invaluble in setting up any HBK, enjoy your new heli I look forward to seeing some videos.

  • olivieriscool:

    good job i got my hbk 3? today and im way not good as you are

  • Gavin Campbell:

    hi.. just? subscribed!!! and yes, when i get a little more competent at hovering i’ll post some vids!!
    ps, i got mine from buzzflyer, great service!

  • keukpa:

    Hi, congrats on getting back up and flying, I look forwards to seeing some footage :)

    As for the HH Gyro,? they are def better, but by no means a necessity!

    Subscribe to my videos, as I am going to make a ‘tuning your heli’ video which should help all you new flyers out there.

  • Gavin Campbell:

    me again.. jusr got my honeybee king 3.. and performed my very first hover! not as good as yours, but a hover none-the-less!
    head hold gyros are a must!!! (my hbk2 didn’t have one, and that’s why i kept crashing it.. it’s now? dead!)
    all newbies should check out nightflyyer & ihearthelis on youtube as they gave me the knowledge and confidence to get back into flying again!

  • Gavin Campbell:

    damn you make? it look easy!

  • garypuppa:

    My recommendation is to? [1] practice on a simulator [2] try either my “plate trick” above or [3] try the “hands of god” trick below.

  • hoomankash:

    I am in the same stage, I have trouble nose in, I crashed once trying to do nose in and since then I have this fear of crashing, I can do other stuff like flips, rolls and loops..other reason is I have 5 helis that are really blinged up and look fantastic and fly? great, so I don’t want to crash them.
    What do you recommend?

  • trexinvert:

    I use a technique called “hands of god”. A direct visual correlation. For nose in works like this.. Imagine a stick mounted under the heli. Pull stick back = nose up. Push stick fwd = nose down. Move stick right = heli leans left. Move stick left = heli leans right. Can you “see” that? Now “visually connect” the bottom of the stick to the top of your cyclic stick. From bottom of heli > cyclic stick by “hands of god”. Good luck? try it on sim.

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