Honey Bee Fp V2 Outside Flight

Flying my honey bee fixed pitch version 2 outide while the wind isnt blowing too hard. video is pretty lame as i tend to hold back on the tricks when im on c…
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8 Responses to “Honey Bee Fp V2 Outside Flight”

  • mxf7010g8k:

    watch who your? calling little!


    this is? a little shity .. just like the other videos!!… juste saying, little boys playing in da hood !!!

  • mxf7010g8k:

    From what I hear, they essentially had them on? all the time and very rarely took them off unless absolutely necessary.

  • jauchiu:

    Two years ago. Where does time go. Picked up a Mosin Nagant at the gun show yesterday. Looks like it was never issued. Wonder where they stored the bayonet if they didn’t want it attached to the weapon??

  • mxf7010g8k:

    true? that! WTF?

  • TMHonfire102:

    Published on Dec 1, 2012 but see comments from 2? year ago LOL

  • mxf7010g8k:

    duuuuhhh fuk? did this pop up in the sub box or what? i just set it to public again but? its an old ass vid.

  • cokeman2423:


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