HiSky HMX280 RC Quadcopter Review

HiSky HMX280 comes with big promises from company but disappoints us big time seeing none of their claims come true. Company claims that this quadcopter can do 100km per hour speed flights, which turns out to be totally wrong. Flight controller is totally not tweaked right and not suitable for high speed flying.

But when it comes to having a Ready to fly Cheap Quadcopter that you can use to practice flying proximity FPV and FPV racing with mild speeds using your own FPV Gear, HiSky HMX280 will do the job.

Honestly though, this Quad had nothing to impress me apart from its durability and a bit of faster speed compared to other toy grade quadcopters. Enjoy the video review and if you want to get into FPV Racing, take my advice and invest in a quality and a proper FPV Racing quadcopter kit.

You can order this Quadcopter here

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20 Responses to “HiSky HMX280 RC Quadcopter Review”

  • RC Fanatics:

    Is it hard for beginner like me?lol?

  • Science Vetal:

    and he will raise go pro??

  • Kanari Mentos:

    ali your review is the best no bulshit i trust you?

  • Kanari Mentos:

    wa aleikum alsalam warahmat allah wa barakatoh amin?

  • Dass Saimon:

    please give me because I don't have any money to buy?

  • delonte myers:

    how much is it?

  • Ariqkamil Nugroho:

    what is the best features from this drone??

  • Ariqkamil Nugroho:

    are you sure Ali??

  • Ariqkamil Nugroho:


  • Habibullah Habibullah:

    the drone have camera?

  • The Elite Gamers:

    please do a review on the Xiro Xplorer v?

  • Jamie B:

    nice video. thanks?

  • RC DRONES: drones e quadcopters em portugues:

    nice review?

  • Edwin Garcia:

    I've noticed in a lot of your videos you really don't know the specs or some of the basic facts about the quad you are reviewing. not just here. I'm not piling on just a little constructive criticism about things like knowing it had ccd board and Linhas your syma review upgraded model was because the first version had problems in wind not size difference and knowing that xk is wl toys premium brand that's why the same quadas the 303 and xk detect?

  • Tyler McCloud:

    So that's where my airsoft lipo battery went ?????

  • Jakob H.:

    Like your proporganda shirt, and yeah USA drones, is bad mtf'er.. partically for those who wanne kill any other, that doesnt belongs to ones own religion.. but religius-people acting like imbecils, is not the topic, here shirt or not..assalamu alaikum to the joy of RC and pure Hisky Quad, it seems it was going to hit the ground at one time or the next….?

  • Chen James:

    This is what happens when marketing has no idea what's going on. There is no instance where the quad was clocked at 100km/h.

    With regards to tuning, I think they dumbed down my final tuning of the quad after I left, but I'm pretty sure either you were in the wrong flight mode or something was not set-up right in the transmitter…

    Stabilized mode IS supposed to make the quad self center, and 3 axis rate mode IS all manual. I think in your video you might have been in stabilized mode, but thought you were in rate mode.

    In my original tuning of the quad, I had one of the flight modes as Ratitude mode, not sure if they kept that… if so, you might've been in that mode, which might have been a little confusing if you couldn't read the manual, understandably.

    And no, this quad is NOT designed for full on FPV racing… it's more of a sport quad with a CC3D controller. If you want to put on some FPV gear that's fine, but comparing it with a full on CF racer is like comparing apples to oranges.

    Maybe you were expecting it to be something other than what it was designed to be, thus the disappointment. Either way, thanks for trying it out.

    Plug a DSMX satellite on it if you want to fly it with a better radio… it really does make a world of difference.

    I have high respect for your reviews, but wonder if it's really fair for you to call this product "crap" based on your current understanding of the product?

    p.s. the quad is not weatherproof?

  • video9009:

    This thing flies great! Don't understand your awfull review. It's not crap! It's very fast and is CC3D!! So please next time do you homework!

     (love your channel but this is ridiculous, please be objective)?

  • Drones Visual:

    Ali this one does come with a mod version of the CC3D 😉 Regarding the 100Km, not sure whether that was ever an official statement. Cheers.?

  • phanthe cuong:

    qua hay?

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