HeliZone ThunderBird RC helicopter Maiden Flight

This is the maiden flight and maiden Obstacle flight online video of Helizone’s new 4 Channel two.4G Indoor Coaxial Helicopter that is just 1 excellent device for Beginners seeking for a very good priced really steady 4 Channel Indoor RC helicopter to understand to fly with. More movies will follow. Reviews and suggestions welcome at [email protected] or [email protected] Don’t neglect to check out www.redcatracing.com http www.rctoyhouse.com and http
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18 Responses to “HeliZone ThunderBird RC helicopter Maiden Flight”

  • brickTV101:


  • Rainingfire123:

    really fun even for those who have experience and know what they are doing. i have found that 4 channel is not much harder than three channel but a lot more fun because of the added control. also, i am looking for a 4 or 5 channel heli that is bigger but still able to fly indoors. i have a blade cx, but? am looking for something more challenging, other than the cx2. any ideas?

  • carr869:

    Is there a way to get longer flight time? Like hook? two batteries together in series.

  • carr869:

    I got mine on the Amazon web site. Looking? forward to it’s arrival. Fun Fun! Oh yeah, it comes in three colors.

  • carr869:

    Thank you for the video. I? ordered one of these yesterday. My bigger heli, the novus 125 fp had to be sent back to the factory. It’s a piece of junk. 2 flights and 2 tail rotor faliures. This little 4 channel Thunderbird looks like it will be alot of fun. Thanks again for the video.

  • cgn747:


  • vishaalkuthuru:

    Where did you get the heli. I know? your website is under construction, but from which store did yo get it from

  • jaofos:

    I cannot find this Heli for sale anywhere. Any links to a website that? actually sells this?

  • supertacoman132:

    crash crash crash crash crash crash? ,uh

  • FreakyOmen:

    Heyah, as you told me last time the ACME CONDOR is scrap as hell !! It’s just blow up today lol, please could you tell me if this one is good Ansmann Racing Virus 2 RTR Buggy 2.4GHz £209.00 or reccomend me something to £250 ??? Thanks so much? in advance ! you’re the best !
    iJust send you msg with direct link with this buggy :)

  • alishanmao:

    always? welcome

  • RockTouching:

    We? actually have the same tv , lol!

  • boomerangfreak:

    I also want one but it is too expansive for me and it surly is if you combine it with rc?

  • 777worldliner:

    ali you do too much for us man, i thank you alot!?

  • alishanmao:

    @meatloaf396 you should come often :D?

  • alishanmao:

    @psygn0sis well people like different things right. @boomerangefreak and I do? like WIIs 😀

  • alishanmao:

    it sure is? 😀

  • alishanmao:

    well for heli battery i have to confirm? after i take the canopy off

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