Helicopter Training & Test Stand…A HELI MUST HAVE

I am a beginner with helis and purchased this stand after many crashes and lots of frustration. The stand helps me to learn to adjust and fly my heli without crashing and works great. Just wanted all to see me using it. It is made by Heli-Safe Products and worth every cent. I could never build something this good.

Sorry for the poor quality video……my camera is 13 years old and this is my first ever video!


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  • George Trotter:

    Like I say, you are only limited my your imagination! Great thinking!

  • George Trotter:

    You almost got that down. I know and engineer friend of mine that was contracting out to the American Navy for beginner trainer and I remember a video he sent me on it and you aren't that far off

  • howmon69:

    I'm sorry, I can't see how using this type of training stand can get you used to the feel of a RC Heli. I've seen others like the one designed by Nightflyer that would get you closer to the feel of the real thing. (Just my opinion) I've been thinking of making some type and been checking out the different types ppl made here on You Tube.

  • Walter Nazloomian:

    Where did you get this from. I would use one.

  • Denis C:

    I am a heli learner, many crashes learning to hover indoors!
    I would recommend spending the cash on a simulator (eg Phoenix RC) I have come on leaps and bounds as you get to fly very realistically. Saves on battery and motor wear as well!
    Good luck with the frame.

  • Laby 70:

    Ummm I have belt CP and a falcon 40. Can't fly either of them and crash breaking stuff. It would be nice to know a website to get one of these. I would like one that requires or allows you to take off from the ground too!

  • ConspiracytardHunter420:

    this is truly a great invention, good job buddy

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