Heli-Max Axe 100 CP Micro Helicopter Review and Flight

After mastering RC heli flying with the Axe 100 FP the next step up would be this excellent flying micro helicopter. The Axe 100 CP is capable of sport aerobatics like loops, flips, and inverted flight.

Enjoy the review and flight with some funny outtakes at the end from Candy and I.

You can purchase the Axe 100 CP in a RTF (ready to fly) or Tx-R (transmitter ready) versions from Tower Hobbies online at the links below.

Axe 100 CP RTF version

Axe 100 CP Tx-R version

Here is the link to my video explaining how the AnyLink radio adapter works with Spektrum and Futaba radios.

The AnyLink product website.

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Eric Jordon

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19 Responses to “Heli-Max Axe 100 CP Micro Helicopter Review and Flight”

  • José Garrido:

    Hi! I'm very interested in this Heli and by chance I have a Spektrum DX8. Then I would have to buy the Any-Link, that's ok but mine question is: once I connect the Any-Link to fly these model, can I still be using the trainer mode (to teach another person)?
    Thank you very much and thanks for the video!!!

  • patrick sanderson:

    Great review!
    Is this the same thing as the Nine Eagles Solo Pro 125?

  • Jason Austin:

    Also nearly identical to the Walkera Genius CP

  • RickyJ137:

    For anyone who wants this in any Asian countries the axe cp is a rebranded nine eagles solo pro 100 or 125 not sure about which one with a tactic protocol. 

  • Matt Beaulieu:

    Great review. I've got the helimax md530 and had a lot of fun. Been thinking about going to cp and might give the axe a try!

  • Oswaldo Castillo:

    Cant this heli bind with the walkera devo12s transmitter??

  • Christopher Dowdy:

    Problem… My HeliMax wants to tip to one side when its almost ready to take off. I don't know what I need to trim or adjust please help?

  • John Aliwalas:

    How do you replace the swash plate? The manual didnt help.

  • Jason Austin:

    If you're stepping up from an msrx, you may as well get an mcpx. You'll need the anylink ($25) to fly the tx-r version with a Spektrum radio. And you will need at least 6 channels to fly collective pitch.

  • RC4fun:

    does this heli an ok step up from a blade msrx????

  • abdon3000:

    Nice Vid Eric. I have a question since is brushed motor it usually breaks down after many flights. Do you know how much it lasts and if there are some measures to do so it can last longer?

  • MrCpMbOy:

    sadly there's no hobby shops from asian countries carries this brand……

  • MrCpMbOy:

    does the Tx-R ver comes with the anylinks adapter or we need but it seperalety?…

  • 225rc:

    Great video.can anyone help??im new to rc heli and I'm looking for a place with good customer service to get me started.where should I go look???

  • Ryan Carlson:

    I'm using the dx6i and where do you program the gyro mixing? Do you put the settings in the gyro menu setting or do you create a custom mix? The manual is not the best for the radio settings.

  • joehandsome99:

    Sometimes I do let Candy try a model out, but most times when I offer she says no. Thanks for watching and the comment.

  • joehandsome99:

    I put the Corsair video up yesterday. I do have a radar gun, and will have to figure out how to fly and check the plane speed at the same time.

  • joehandsome99:

    Hey thanks for the great comment. I'll let Candy know about the camera work.

  • joehandsome99:

    They are challenging, but fun. Some days though I don't like them either. :)

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