Hausler 450 SE-V2 Maiden Flight 2-10-11 RAW VIDEO

This is the maiden flight of the Hausler 450 SE-V2 RTF Helicopter…… It flys well and is setup for the beginner right out of the box, it is very tame and stable. For the price of this RTF helicopter it is a great deal, you can easily fly it right out of the box and then when you are ready for more aggressive flight you can fine tune the transmitter via the included USB link and software to dial it in even more…… I will be making some mechanical adjustments and putting a Spektrum reciever in it, then setting it up on my DX-7 so that I can get more performance and agility out of it as well as dial it in on the fly…. This is a good buy and a great heli for the person stepping up from a FP heli and just learning to fly a CP helicopter. On another note, the technical support staff at Cermark was GREAT about responding to a minor issue I had and resolved it very rapidly…. Hats off to them and a “Double Thumbs Up” for sure! I would recommend this helicopter and Cermark to anyone looking for a good inexpensive CP Helicopter with a great company standing behind it……. Thanks for watching and rating!


13 Responses to “Hausler 450 SE-V2 Maiden Flight 2-10-11 RAW VIDEO”

  • MrJaybird1995:

    I just bought one waiting for it to? arrive. Great flyinh and video

  • MegaRivas1:

    Bel volo!
    Io ne ho uno uguale ma non l’ho? fatto ancora volare.

  • baronofhawkland:

    does anybody? know if the Hausler 450 can lift a 100gram(3.5oz) payload?

  • MrCBEjr:

    Nice flying! I’m enjoying my Hausler 450 to the fullest now that the weather in PA? is nice again!

  • CyclicJam:

    Just curious as to the source of your noise. I bought one of these and think it flies great. Mine started making sort of a? buzzing sound after the first three or four flights. I found the source pretty quickly tho. Turns out the label wrapped around the motor was peeling loose and was beating the frame around it. Peeled it off and no more noise. I agree tho, nice bird for the money.

  • Luvtoflyhelis:

    Hey Don, that? is a nice looking little Heli. Looks like it flies very well and stable. Nice flight man.

  • thefirstofmykind:

    nice video man, i love the space! amazing i would like to fly somewhere like? that. nice and stable heli too

  • vegashelinut:

    Thanks its not? to bad of a bird for sure…… Don

  • vegashelinut:

    It is a clone of a Trex 450SE-V2 so all of the Align parts will work on it. It comes in a RTF configuration for $230.00 so it is not to bad a deal and they also make? a pro version which is torque tube etc….

    Thanks for watching! Don

  • vegashelinut:

    It is very? stable just needs some tweeking to make it all good….. Thanks for watching and the comments 1B, Don


    awesome,looks like it flies great?

  • jauchiu:

    Nice flying. Neat? looking heli.

  • vegashelinut:

    I did not have time to look it over, I dont think it is anything major but I will? take a look at it and let you know.

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