Gravity Sky Raider 3.5 ch. single rotor outdoor R/C Helicopter

This is the first R/C I’ve attempted to fly. Good Fun. Definite learning curve. Seriously affected by wind… so be on the stick. Under 0…(big 5) comes with spare main and tail rotors as well as skid assembly. Not a pro heli but a good starter… “give some room people”!
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  • James Muyanga:

    I can't  find the charger for my gsf 3.5 helicopter. Can someone please help me find where to find one. I've had no luck so far…?

  • Quintin Lindsey:

    Are you flying collective pitch heli's now? Nice flying especially for your first time!?

  • Wally Pardy:

    My coptor is new and it will ascend and descend fine but won't respond to forward or reverse anyone have the same problem??

  • Finnick Odair:

    It's all about feathering the throttle. Light touches up and down, over throttling will make it ascend quickly and then when you bring it down you under throttle it and it wont have enough power to keep its self up, resulting in it bouncing off the ground. But you have to practice and crash it to learn, always kill the throttle when you know its going to crash. Anyone who is trying to learn will soon get a "feeling" before its going to crash and that's when you cut the throttle. It does less damage to it hitting the ground then if the props are slashing and flailing it around. Nice video and show of the copter, I am about to get one from a buddy that I will be restoring. ?

  • Jonathan Stokes:

    Too many crashes on my Gravity sky raider 3.5 channel rc helicopter. Blew the tail rotor motor today and cracked the fuselage. Looking online for spare parts supplier. Flys really fast and far but mine had the habit of constantly flying away from me despite frequent,electronic trimming on transmitter even on windless days. Last year I had to climb up into a vine infested tree with a machete to retrieve the Skyraider.  Yesterday I installed the replacement tail blade and that is fine but now I all I get is a spin top out of it. Had fun with it lots of times before it malfunctioned. It kept crashing because it was mostly uncontrollable. Next time I will get a high end quadcopter that is more flight stable.?

  • Mic Cen:

    Blade same kind more money better heli ?????????

  • Amykathleen Parker:

    does anyone know where we can get replacement parts for this helicopter?  wind gust took it into a tree and broke the actual nose cover.  Son in tears.  Cannot locate parts anywhere on line.?

  • Peachride EightyNine:

    I just bought the smaller one at big 5 today. 29 bucks. Well, it's not made for outside, since it's uf or whatever tv remotes are, so it loses signal fast, and when it does, it keeps going up, and then that little poof of wind catches it and throws it 80 feet up in the neighbors tree. lol.?

  • Kevin Dacanay:

    i saw this at big 5

  • Mike Rabello:

    Perfect demo video. Thank you. Just picked one up and I can't wait to try it out. Its charging as we speak. :-)

  • Chad:

    I jus got my sky raider yesterday I haven’t had a chance to fly it but im getting ready to right now hopefully I won’t have any issues.

  • Chad:

    Any advice from anybody????

  • Chad:

    I flew it but had problems getting it to trim out all ways. iy wouldn’t fly straight then it jus did circles going backwards. Im going to attempt to fly in a while hopefully I have better results. Any advice helps. thanks…

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