Giant Bell 206B3 JetRanger RC Scale Turbine Model Helicopter sounds like the Real Things

RC Scale Helicopter meeting Switzerland Leuggern
Werner.J with a Giant Bell 206B3 Scale Turbine RC Model Helicopter that sounds like the Real thing, enjoy it.

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13 Responses to “Giant Bell 206B3 JetRanger RC Scale Turbine Model Helicopter sounds like the Real Things”

  • RC420:

    Is this the Vario fuselage?


    Where can I get one

  • Jermaine Simmons:

    Just add a small rotation camera under the nose, and you have your very own news chopper in a giant scale size.

  • angry gamer king:

    Iska price kya hai

  • Zbigniew Siwiec:


  • George Toomey:

    Wow out of sight !

  • ?????:

    This is not a model. Real?

  • vass ilika:

    Nur schade das die heutigen Gummikameras alles so seltsam filmen. Der Rotor macht eine Umdrehung / Sekunde?
    Wäre schön wenn das Filmequipment die Bilder so realistisch rüberbringen könnte, wie den Sound.

  • Bananas Have Ammonia:



    ????????????? ??

    ?? ?? ???????????



  • Bite My Krank:

    VERY IMPRESSIVE MACHINE !!! The ONLY part of the flight that shows this is a model is the slight twitch it has in turns. I know it's very hard to simulate the fullsize helicopter's weight and stability, being smaller, it highlights the "sudden" completion of things like turns and levellling off. It's not as smooth as the real thing. But for 99% of the flight, this LOOKS real, SOUNDS real and when at the right angle, IS REAL !!
    I live 100m from the helipad of my local Hospital, and the Westpac Rescue Agusta Westland AW139 often flies over my roof at no more than 50 feet while landing and taking off. THIS beast sounds EXACTLY like it, just nowhere near as LOUD. I doubt this one would shake my floors as it flew over, but the sound is so real, it's beyond good. A BEAUTIFUL machine and yet another great video.

  • Max Supercars:

    Beautiful helicopter but what I'm missing are more prototypical turns with more roll. Either the pilot is unexperienced, or he uses not the right flight controller or he ist just afraid of that turns.

  • serg pato:

    Muy buena máquina y buen video??


    Sensacional parabéns

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