Gaui Hurricane 200 3D RC Heli – Justin Chi – Vegas, Mar 08

5 yr old Justin Chi attented Las Vegas Enjoyable-Fly 2008 and competition. He is flying Gaui Hurricane two hundred with 12T & 3s730 lipo. I’ve constantly admired the amazing backdrop from Alan Szabo’s heli video clips and extremely pleased to have the same backdrop in Justin’s video clip. :)


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  • redcorvettez06:

    I believe? we had wood blades on above video. Since then we have been flying with FG blades. We have CF blades but have not tested yet.

  • csdragon83:

    Do you? fly it with wooden or with CFK blades?

  • guildy93:

    Justin rocks!!!!

    Guilherme? v., Brasil.

  • Entityofme1:

    You honestly don’t expect anyone to believe that nonsense about this kid practicing 5 minutes a day and only flying real helis once a week for 30 seconds crap do you? Anyone who trully flies will know you are a misinformed unlikely hobby hopeful ( yes I called you a hopeful? and not a pilot) and that it takes hours upon hours of practice both with a simulator and real time fuel burning to become proficient at piro flips, backward inverted hurricanes, etc…

  • redcorvettez06:

    He spent 20-30min each day at the field during that week. He now spends about 10min per day on the sim. He goes to the field 2 times during the week? after school and put in 2-3 4min electric flights or 1-2 8min glow flights.

  • redcorvettez06:


    I accidentally pressed Remove instead of Reply. Sorry.

    But, to answer your question, He had zero RC stics from Oct 2007 – Feb? 2008. He dis maybe 10-20min sim each day during the winter months. During Feb 2008, he put in 30-45min per day practicing required maneuvers for the Las Vegas competition. He still had zero RC stick time so we went out to the field during 40deg weather to practice real RC 1 week prior to the competition.

  • redcorvettez06:

    I have never tested the telebee. I’ve heard that it works ok once it is setup right.? I will be testing the new Gaui gyro soon. This is supposed to be a 3d capable gyro. So, stay tuned for the gyro test video.

  • fishravioli:

    Hello, I am getting one of these and I would like to know your setup,? Im gonna run the stock gaui motor/ESC, hs-45hb’s, But I wanted to know if the sub-micro telebee gyro would be good enough for it. Thanks.

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