FlyWing FW450 V2 H1 GPS 3D RC Helicopter Flight Testing

FlyWing FW450 V2 H1 GPS 3D RC Helicopter by far the best GPS RC helicopter. Complete Beginners can fly and improve their RC Helicopter flight skills and advance pilots can easily perform 3D stunts.

FlyWing FW450 V2 H1 GPS 3D RC Helicopter definitely has improved. While the H1 Lite GPS Helicopter Autopilot is the same, Motor, ESC, Main Rotor head components, landing skids, Frame and frame parts have improved. Now you can easily attach and detach the tail assembly in seconds on your FlyWing FW450 V2 H1 GPS 3D RC Helicopter. With New ESC and motor it offers more powerful 3D Flight performance and longer flight times with the new HV 4S 4450 mAh battery.

Enjoy the 3D Flight Testing video and see why beginners and advance RC helicopter pilots will love Flywing FW450 V2 GPS 3D Helicopter.
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00:00 Beginning
00:07 Intro Test Clip
00:47 Introduction
02:14 Compass Calibration
03:21 Features Recap
05:18 Starting up
06:00 Taking off
06:34 Forward Flight Test
08:35 Auto Circle Test
09:10 Auto Fig 8 Test
10:17 RTH Test
12:00 Auto Invert Test
13:27 Landing
14:31 Conclusion

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