Flying 3D heli with Mode 1

Here’s an additional online video of flying 3D using the Style 1 transmitter method Place: BC, Canada


13 Responses to “Flying 3D heli with Mode 1”

  • Feckerhead:

    I wish? i would have learned on mode1 probaly would be doing more advanced 3d by now.

  • DROPD5150:

    I grew up on Playstation controllers…and when i went to learn rc flying it was way easier for me to go to mode 1 rather than mode 2!!most here in the? US are mode 2 fyers

  • priezor:

    Dakujem? velmi pekne! 😀

  • DeXar:

    Dobra prace? .. Miro … :o)
    Taky sem si poridil DX s modem 1… a koukam, ze to jd … a dokonce suprove … :o) Jen je skoda, ze kamera moz nezoomuje… tudiz je to trosku z dalky…
    Ale politanicko je suprovy … LETU ZDAR .. :o))

  • Merzdaman:

    im using mode 1 too ! but its hard for me to learn hover with mode 1 :( keep me? confuse while the heli move side way … but when i keep it turn and turn and turn .. its look good tho !! lol !

  • priezor:

    thanks man. The song is “Down Under” from “Man At Work”.? Thanks

  • elit3elit3:

    whats the song call nice vid to great flying? for a mode 1

  • priezor:

    Thanks man! Mode 2 is only more realistic because of the cyclic-only stick and on right hand and nothing else.? Makes some stuff like chaos easier than mode 1, but mode 1 makes rolling circles much easier than mode 2. So plus and minus to everything…
    Yeah I’ve hurt about the four different modes…wow..

  • priezor:

    Thanks a lot! Nice to see more people with mode 1 hehe.
    Yeah for sure, I’ll have? more videos up soon.

  • trexmad1:

    Excellent to see some mode? 1 flying especially 3D.
    Well done and please post more.:-)

    PS: Can you guess, I fly mode 1 too.

  • tjtg:

    Awesome video -? nice flying. I believe most of us here in Australia fly mode 1. It is an age old argument as to which is better. Most people that fly mode 2 insist it is a more realistic style, but lets face it you don’t use your feet with either mode as in full size aircraft. I actually know a few people that fly both mode 1 & 2 regularly, dependant upon which style of aircraft they fly. I even know people that fly mode 3 & 4 – mostly pattern flyers

  • okayplayer31:

    nice heli … nice music too !?

  • peisen:

    Mode 1 just doesn’t make sense to me. But? more power to you. I fly good ‘ol american mode 2. lol

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